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Muzmatch is an app that brings single Muslims together to find a marital partner. It can be dowloaded onto your phone from the app store or from the website.

Muzmatch is a free app based matrimonial service for Muslims!

People can signup from anywhere though many seem to be located in the United Kingdom, where the owning company is based.

5-Steps to Muzmatch

The app registration has five steps, and in each you'll be prompted to add a little information about yourself, declare your ethnic origin and commitment to your faith.

Profiles must be approved before they go live and before you'll be granted access to most of the services and features.

Just swipe to like someone!

Once you have access, you can begin swiping other people's profiles immediately. It all works on a swipe to like system.

While you can create a snazzy profile, and look around, you can't view other peoples' photos unless you have one of your own. That's unless that person has explicitly set the public view option in his/her profile.


Your "control panel" gives an instant overview of your activity on Muzmatch, including requests, profile views, messages, and your favorites. It also lists new members on the app.

There are two searches available. A quick search lets you search by gender, age and location. The advanced search allows you to refine your preferences down to exact city of residence, religious sect, commitment to faith, education, profession and physical appearance. Search results show a blurred image of the person's main profile picture, a brief biography, and two flags, one indicating country of residence, and the other indicating ethnic origin.

Worth It?

The basic entry on Muzmatch is free. You can upgrade with either the premium membership or by paying for more swipe credits.

With "selfie verification" and hand moderation Muzmatch has done a lot to try to clean out fake profiles and prevent them getting in. This can only improve the experience of those who genuinely want to find their next wife or husband.

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  • Avatar

    IdontrememberOctober 6th, 2020


    The problem with this site is that people seem to be addicted to swiping. Caught up in looking and looking and looking like an ADD person. The person you may be talking to will never even realize when perhaps they have found a true match, because they are too busy feeding their dopamine hormone by constantly seeking newness. Never investing quality time and effort in getting to know anyone. This is why I came to believe that online dating doesn't work. Even if you are a very attractive, successful, practicing Muslima, Alhamdulillah ;) In the end, nothing beats real life encounters, a genuine smile and patience.
  • Avatar

    KamranUKFebruary 18th, 2018


    Excellent advice! Thank you for scripting that.

    I've stopped using Muzmatch as the women are identikit and as dull as a doormat!

    I literally ache to find a woman whose profile does not refer to the fact that she enjoys "movies", "travelling", and "shopping". I play a game with myself seeing if the next profile I come across will refer to them... and, low and behold, they almost always do!

    The ladies are so cliched and lacking in personality that, when I speak to them on the phone, and ask them which countries they've been to or would like to travel to, more or less 95% give the identical locations such as Dubai, Istanbul and Morocco.

    If your raison d'etre is sitting in cinemas chewing popcorn, travelling the world and shopping, then you're not exactly ideal life-partner material for a hard working man.

    When it comes to the profiles, the grammar, the spelling, the linguistic flair, the complete lack of appreciation of anything cultured or refined, all leaves a lot to be desired.

    In all fairness I think it's more to do with the calibre of the women on the app. We're talking about the very, very bottom tier.

    The fact that the vast majority are still camping in their parents' bedrooms in the most impoverished Muslim ghettos in the land - east London, Slough, Watford, Luton and the like - says it all about their calibre.
  • Avatar

    DenisaFebruary 10th, 2016


    Most of the men on this site are scammers. None of them are serious, and only want to play games with you. Forget about this site
  • Avatar

    muzmatchuserApril 12th, 2012


    Expensive and pretty much a money making machine. You can't see people's photos as it's 'window shopping' so they are all blurred out... right... but it's not window shopping if you pay.
Muzmatch 0.5 4 A review of Muzmatch. Muzmatch is an app that brings single Muslims together to find a marital partner. It can be dowloaded onto your phone from the app store or from the website.