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Gender make-up Men/women equal
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A dating site where British singles can go to meet others for romance or friendship. Muddymatches only has around 10,000 users. Basic membership is free, and it has some nice match-making tools.

A meeting site for singles in rural communities; farmers, land owners, & those living in villages.

MuddyMatches is where country loving British singles go to reach out for friendship or romance. It's specially created for people living or working in rural communities, farmers, land owners, those living in villages and so on.

They are in "partnersheep" with Farmers Weekly. If you're a girl looking for a hunky young farmer, or a single farmer looking for a wife this website could be for you.

MuddyMatch Profiles

Creating a basic profile is relatively easy and should take no more than a minute or two. However there's an approval step - so read on.

After you click the link in your email to create a your basic account template you're then asked to fill in some more details about yourself. You also have to provide a valid UK postcode. This doesn't show up on your profile, but it is used to match you with people in your area.

You say on your profile how "muddy or townie" you are.

Once you've done this you'll have to get creative and write a few words about yourself. There's a minimum amount you must write here too before you can proceed to the next stage. The following step asks you to select your interest from a number of country activities: shooting, horse riding, fishing, quad biking and so on. There's also a section where you can say what you don't like.

Once you have completed these steps, you can begin chatting, browsing photo galleries and using many of the other features on the site, but some you'll have to pay for.

Keep in mind that your profile is not shown to other members however until it has been approved by the customer care team. This normally takes no more than a day or two.

Finding People

MuddyMatches give you eight search options to choose from. Actually I found the basic search worked well enough in most cases. If you want to refine things further - for example to pick people who have a certain relationship status, or who have a certain appearance - just click on the tabs below and it lets you narrow your preferences as far as you wish.

Muddy-Townie Ratio

This is a bit of a weird one and is part of the site's sense of humor. People are asked to put on their profiles how "muddy or townie" they are. So for instance if you love the country but hate the city, you'd describe yourself as 100% muddy. Anyhow, you can use this to find people who're either more town oriented or more country inclined according to your preferences. Not surprisingly, it seems nearly everyone here describes themselves as muddy. My searches for town-o-people all returned empty.


While you can look around and do searches as much as you like, to do the important stuff like talk to anyone you need to be a subscriber. The shortest period is 1 month and that will cost you ,£22.

MuddyMatches is good fun, and easy to use. My only complaint is the long wait you have to go through to get your profile approved. The site isn't just for farmers, it's created for country people in the U.K. or just about anyone who loves the outdoors.

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