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  • Avatar

    LoriJune 1st, 2009


    I've been on this site since it was JustSayHi, and it's a wonderful place to be. The forums are well-moderated so you don't have to be afraid to post. The Administrators actually answer questions!

    I've watched this site grow, and I'm impressed with the way it's handled itself. New features are constantly added, and the interface improved. And heck, it's free!
  • Avatar

    KristiMay 24th, 2009


    I've been a member since the time it was JustSayHi and have never seen or heard of anyone being banned unjustifiably from the site. It is one site that you have to really cross that line in order to get banned. Not many sites can you send Admin or the Mods an e-mail and actually get a reply within a timely manner.
  • Avatar

    Mike_1001May 24th, 2009


    Whoever changed this site sucks - should have left it the way it was it was... It was so much better before it would have been 4 stars but I'll give it one now.
  • Avatar

    be2netMay 11th, 2009

    Above average

    Mingle2 is a great site and Matt was a SEO genius. However, after they got bought by JustSayHi in 2007, the site has started losing popularity. Matt's idea on how to turn clicks into conversions was completely destroyed.
  • Avatar

    Robert_937May 1st, 2009

    Above average

    I was surprised how good a dating site this turned out to be. It's well-kept, as I have had very few scammers contact me. It's too bad about the lady above, but the forums were run fairly from my limited time there. There's plenty of negative talk about religion going on, as well as plenty of dissenting views.
  • Avatar

    michaelmikalauskasMarch 5th, 2009


    i cant access my account
  • Avatar

    OliviaMarch 4th, 2009

    Above average

    I think Mingle2 is a wonderful website that anyone would enjoy being in.
  • Avatar

    JenniferFebruary 16th, 2009


    I am a 36 year old female member that was recently permanently banned from the Mingle2 website. This was done without warning, explanation or further notice. The only reason that I am aware of is that I predominantly posted in the "General Religion" forum and has been accused of "Christian bashing". If possible I would like to launch a complaint for discrimination based on my religious views. I wish this were possible but probably there is nothing I can do.

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