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Metrodate is free dating and social site with activity groups for many major cities and towns. Groups are run by users for users, and members can search for details of upcoming events, nightspots and things to do in their area.

MetroDate styles itself as a dating site for city dwellers across the world.

Originally a fee-based site, they redefined themselves offering free membership to all. This includes the ability to access the entire set of features, including the ability to message and chat directly with other members.

What MetroDate Offers

The site is very user-friendly, and offers its services in 13 different languages worldwide. A good range of tools are available and many are on the cutting edge of technology.

Your profile can be supplemented with a gallery of photos, video messages, and voice recordings.

It's worth noting that profiles with voice recordings are given priority position in searches. Uploading adult material, such as videos and photos is permitted, however these must be placed into the "Adult Category".

The groups and forums on MetroDate are arranged into cities and larger urban areas. The city guides offer useful facts and information pertaining to your local area (the location set in your profile). This includes events, local restaurants, and travel opportunities.

Much of the site is posted and maintained by users themselves

There's a message board that also acts as a classified ad section, where people post messages such as letting readers know they're new to the area.

Most of the notices and messages are posted and maintained by users themselves so those living in smaller towns or urban areas may find a lack of information for their specific area. To change to a different location, simply use the selector shown on the page.

Having the availability to cross-link all of their cities is helpful especially for those who are planning to travel or investigate an alternative area.

After browsing I found many profiles weren't filled out with much detail.

Profiles and Searching

You can browse through profiles before fully completing your own. However, after browsing I found many profiles weren't filled out with much detail. In many cases, the space to type a little about yourself was full of one liners and not much useful information. A little over half actually supplied a picture with their profile. It isn't stated if the profiles are monitored, but from the content of some, it looks like they are not.

Compatibility Test

Members who opted to take the compatibility questionnaire have their answers displayed on their profile. Although I couldn't find a way to screen for people who'd completed their questionnaire, it does appear that "other things being equal", more complete profiles appear first in search results. Therefore, having a correctly completed profile is a key to success here.

Profile Lookup

The advanced search facility allows you to look for people matching your choices. This includes age, location, physical appearance, whether they have children or not, as well as their religion and level of education.

You can even specify what type of relationship the other person is seeking, from a serious relationship to an intimate encounter. There were requests for illicit affairs and romantic encounters, as well as long-term relationships. Use caution when surfing through the many profiles.

A direct lookup is also provided, should you already know the username of the person you're trying to find. Unless you specify otherwise, searches will cover an area of 65-miles around your city. It's also possible to find members close to a specific city. There doesn't appear to be a way of saving search settings, so these details must be entered each time you perform a search.

How popular is it?

MetroDate is reasonably popular, with around 17,000 people using it on a regular basis. The majority of users reside in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada though many other countries are well represented too.

It's a good choice if you've moved to a new area and want to make new friends & join some social activities.

To Sum Up

MetroDate is a well designed site that doesn't cost anything to use. It's a good choice for people who've recently moved to a new area and are seeking to make new friends there and to keep abreast of local events, parties and interesting places to visit.

The main down-side is that those people who don't live in a major city may find their area isn't listed.

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  • Avatar

    JLB0717December 11th, 2019


    Probably, one of the most fraud infested, sham of a dating website, I have ever come across. So bad I registered the site with government, anti-spam and internet fraud enforcement agencies. Nothing here of any legitimate interest, you get what you pay for,
  • Avatar

    lakesJuly 14th, 2017

    Above average

    The bad ones make bad names for the good ones....If only people say truth all days and night maybe life could have been better than dis...Just want you people to believe that not every one in this site is a scammer........Like me am in for reality you can search for me on facebook
  • Avatar

    damonJune 14th, 2017

    Above average

    why cant i sign up i have been here before met a lady she was fake we took our profile down she been spamming may mail book
  • Avatar

    cheekoo1212May 27th, 2017

    Just average

    Hi, i need a girlfriend. i wl make sincere friendship and love wid her.
  • Avatar

    nileshJune 24th, 2016


    i love to make frienship first time i have joined this site
  • Avatar

    DonnieDecember 20th, 2015


    I joined 6 months ago and have had over 50 women contact me and yes every single one was scamming period!!!
  • Avatar

    mooney407January 28th, 2015

    Below average

    I really don't like METRODATE, at all I canceled it while ago, and tried to get back in it with my email, and good not find it at all. so then I tried recreating again and said it was there, so I couldn't get a new password for it. And there is no customer help with this at all. I would not recommend it to anybody at all....
  • Avatar

    clintonMay 12th, 2014


    I've been on this site for some time and no luck the women on here are fake, you never get any replies and when you do they seem fake and and not nice, this site is a waste of time wish i never ever heard of this site don't waste your time, your better off going to the pub or speed dating. you get nothing for free and this site is true for what it is, you get nothing for nothing.
  • Avatar

    pmartin45November 10th, 2013


    I've been using this site its completely worthless, I've no real messages except from scammers, and their chat room is full of ignorant and sometimes very belligerent people
  • Avatar

    MerMay 16th, 2011


    No response to mail service problems. I've tried numerous times to alert someone to the fact that my mailbox has suddenly stopped functioning (completely) and I've been unable to send a message in a long time, but there is no reply. Technical support is nil. There is no explanation for what's going on and even though I really wanted to send a response to some nice people, there's apparently nothing I can do. Seems pretty irresponsible on their part.
Metrodate 1.83 18 A review of Metrodate. Metrodate is free dating and social site with activity groups for many major cities and towns. Groups are run by users for users, and members can search for details of upcoming events, nightspots and things to do in their area.