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Mehndi is a site that helps Pakistanis to find a marital partner. It's designed around the specific cultural traditions of that country, and allows one to search by cultural caste and religion, as well family values and educational background.

Mehndi is an online matrimonial matchmaking site for Pakistani singles.

With just 17,000 members, Mehndi is quite a lot smaller than rivals such as and Qiran, but it offers a similar experience.

To help get to know other members they provide chat and instant messenger in addition to voice and SMS messaging. There is no fee to sign up and you can create a profile detailing everything from religion to education as well as personal preferences in a partner.

Compared to most is a very traditional site that's focused on marriage.

Your Profile

Once a photo is uploaded, you'll be able to use the automatic search option to find potential matches and get chatting. To let someone know they are interested and help break the ice, you'll have the option to send songs, ecards and flowers.

Prices for Mehndi membership start at USD $44.99 for a 3 month subscription. The site offers "enticements" for signing up for longer periods, such as free SMS messages and a free album.

Marriage Seekers Only is a very traditional site compared to places like Muslima - which has people looking for all kinds of relationships. It's aim is help people find their marital partner - not dating prospects. At least that's what they claim!

It's nonexclusive and welcomes individuals of all backgrounds to create a profile and join the site. Other helpful features include an English, Urdu and French language option and a referral program for earning money or a Premium membership.

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  • Avatar

    Vickey67October 2nd, 2020


    This site has a lot of people who are fraudulent and dangerous. Around 80% profiles are adult or **** chat/photos, After became friendly than start black mailing.either give money to them or your profile will be terminate. IF any female make complain they immediate take action and terminate your profile immediately, even after that you will get notification alert,that get very much irritating. If male complain than they not take any action or terminate female profile.for me HORRIBLE experience, after repeated request, they do not delete profile permanently or you can not login to delete profile. Be very careful especially
  • Avatar

    DMahmoodSeptember 15th, 2019

    Avoid puts false members. even with report they don't eliminate them. this is way to make money with nice pictures and tempting people. It turns on auto renewal without consent. Auto renewal option is not show upfront. it is turned on at the back, behind seen even if customer is not asking for it. I don't recommend it anybody else. So will put bad review about it. I advise everyone to be careful with this site.It has harmful business policy.
  • Avatar

    MubashirJuly 17th, 2017


    It is nice site you should try it

  • Avatar

    Hassan_5007August 8th, 2016


    The website was an Indian website, And later it was sold to Pakistani buyer. Since then the website has earned its value in the mainstream of matrimonial websites. It is a number "One Muslim Matrimonial site" easier to say the word (Number One) but through out the years since 2004 the technical and support team behind it has really worked hard days and nights to establish the value of this website.

    Regarding the authenticity of the website, There are so many other well-known websites you can bring in to competition like, etc. But, it is only fair if you let the people / members decide.

    There are good people and bad people everywhere, and you can not stop the fraudulent or time passers neither you go to investigate each and every member before they join the website. has a team sitting here 24/7 to provide the best and efficient online technical and customer support, your queries are answered instantly. Even you get reply's to your submitted inquiries via email within 4-8 hours maximum. There is a special section for "Report Abuse" where users can submit reports against any scammers and fraudulent profiles. Also the quick and efficient team hunts down the non serious and fraudulent profiles through out their screening process and take an immediate action against them. The substantial information of scammers are even reported to the F.B.I and inter-pole.

    The terms and conditions of the site are provide on the terms and conditions page suggests members to read that before joining the website. There are million of potential users that are happy with the whole package this website has to offer with their good services. In return the successful users appreciate the services by posting their success stories on the website.

    No one is forced to join, Each individual has their own preferences. I would definitely give a shot to as this comes across way authentic and promising than the other matrimonial websites.
  • Avatar

    FatimaMarch 22nd, 2011


    This site has a lot of people who are fraudulent and dangerous. Be very careful especially if you are young and inexperienced. I do not recommend this site to anyone.

    khan_4173August 18th, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to Fatima @Fatima Is it true? i was thinking to upgrade my account, is this site not authentic?
  • Avatar

    Sarah_3255January 23rd, 2011


    I m very lucky to find my husband through Mehndi .com now we have been married since last 1 and a half year and the new addition to our family is our twins recently born in Sept. I am thankful for this website which changed my life completely.
  • Avatar

    seeker_uJuly 9th, 2010


    They are a big fraud....when you get the premium membership through credit card next time they gonna charge again without informing you or even when you don't select the auto renew option. CAUTION!!!!! Don't pay through credit card.

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