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Meetic is a successful European dating company with sites for many European countries. is the portal for Belgium and is served in French. Members are visible across the entire family of Meetic sites, so it's possible to get in touch with people in different countries.

Meetic BE is the Belgian version of the popular European dating company, known as Meetic. The site provides an excellent range of services and features, and allows prospective members to browse profiles at no charge. The site not only has a pleasant layout, it is easily navigable and quite self explanatory.

There are many features that allow one to keep track of who they have made contact with and which members have contacted them or browsed their profile recently. Members can even see who shares their birthday.

Whether using email or the chat rooms, the Icebreaker and Meetshake features can assist in helping members get past the jitters that often come when meeting new people. is an international site, yet has many profiles of men and women from all around the world.

A valid email is required in order to complete one's registration. By clicking on tags near the bottom of the screen, one can view the site in English, Spanish, French or Dutch.

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  • Avatar

    callbackmxJanuary 7th, 2017


    am unable to stop meetic. I live in mexico since 20 years and want to stop this monthly fee of almost 50 euros... it s impossible to stop this service. The important things are left off my screen and I can not see or choose any.
  • Avatar

    callbackmxJanuary 7th, 2017


    am trying to disconnect from meetic in Belgium and this is after many weeks impossible. I live in mexico and want to get rid of meetic asap. what can I do Please help me ?
  • Avatar

    YalesrJuly 12th, 2011


    It is very difficult to cancel your subscription. They always continue to take your money from your bank account even when you are not subscribed anymore. Therefore bad advice to join this dating site.
  • Avatar

    laura_2877November 2nd, 2010

    Above average

    I would like to meet a wonderful person who is able to share special moments with me.
  • Avatar

    ExAugustaMay 10th, 2010


    Meetic, Heb jullie al Verschillende e-mails gestuurd MAAR Nog rossen Geen reactie. Hebben Jullie Het LEF OM iedere Maand 9,90 euro af te houden op mannen sterven visakaart notabena geannuleerd is. Heb MAAR EEN Inschrijving Gedaan TOT Einde 2009, en zAL Dan OOK, IK ndien niet spoedig de terugbetaling zAL ontvangen, mannen advocaat en waarschuwen Verschillende Instantie's over jullie praktijken. Heb JE mannen al rekening nummer BIJ Dexia Bank van Schoten-Donck doorgegeven, en Zou nu WEL DAT wllen jullie Eindelijk Eens EEN reactie op This e-mails zouden Sturen. Ex Augusta 1.2 5 A review of - Belgium. Meetic is a successful European dating company with sites for many European countries. is the portal for Belgium and is served in French.