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Immediately after signing up for 3 day trial I started getting 1 chat request after another ,after another. of the 6 supposed girls I talked with 3 of them were said to be in the same country in Africa collecting their deceased fathers property and wanted marriage and money sent so they could collect and leave Africa. 2 of those girls were under 2 different profiles and sent me their photos and Guess What! Exact Same Girl different Name .

The 1st and only one that i entertained as being ligit was a profile of a gorgeous girl Malaysia. Big hard luck story but She took her time and played it cool not moving in for the Kill so quick! claimed that her face book had been hijacked and did not Really live in Michigan.

Hmmmm. Hard luck and needed money sent me a BS photo holding a note that said She loved Me and it was The "WORST" copy / paste photo shop job of all time. makes you wonder if it's just con artists using the site or if The whole Site is a Scam!! I thought I would probe a little further and and I contacted another one that claims to be in a nearby town but as we chatted on "Yahoo Messenger" (that's where they like to take You) found She is currently taking care of her Mom out of State! how convenient !

At 1st they seem somewhat normal then after a short dialogue it's like your talking to The same idiot Whack job again. But Now I am finding some very interesting info!!!!!!!! More to come!!!

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