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Mate1 claims to be one of the most visited dating sites with around 31-million registered users - however the number of people active there is probably far less. A trial membership costs USD$ 1.95 for 3 days. Mate1 is for people who want casual dating rather than marriage or a long-term relationship.

One of the annoying things about Mate1 is that it doesn't have an upgrade page. You will only find-out the cost of joining if you read the "fine-print" after selecting the 3-day trial which states that the trial will be extended to a full membership (costing $49.95 per 30-days) unless cancelled before the end of the 3 day period.

Use the free trial but beware of the upgrades.

If you do opt for the free trial, be sure to put a reminder in your diary to cancel before the end unless you wish to extend it to a full month's membership.

Free Mode

You can use the free access mode to peek inside and decide whether an upgrade is worthwhile.

As a new joiner you can create a personal and voice profile complete with up to twenty photos. They do allow you to personalize your profile and make it as detailed as you want.

Once this step is finished, it's possible to browse around and get in touch with others using e-flirts. Only when you upgrade can you use the site's email or chat features. If a match works out, you can place the person on a Hot List. If not, just stick them on the Block List.

Finding People

Mate1 follows an easy to navigate format and a range of ways to find and get in touch with others.

"Interested in me" is freely accessible and will show you who has flirted with you in the past.

As well as a basic search facility, a number of useful options are provided that allow you to browse profiles by country, city, keyword or nickname. There are also options for body type, work and education and lifestyle. There's also a "Matches" button, but this only displays a search based on your location and the gender you are seeking.

"Interested in me" is freely accessible and will show you who has flirted with you in the past or who has been auto-matched with you (against your personality and interests). Those who've upgraded also have the possibility to see who's viewed their profiles.

The site does display advertisements and some of these are adult in content - upgrading allows the site to be viewed free of ads.

In Summary

Mate1 is quite a big site - you shouldn't have too much trouble finding friends, or even romance and love. There's no hiding that it is more suited to people looking for causal hookups rather than relationships. The lack of a clear pricing page does count against the site in my opinion.

The good

  • Big site, with active community
  • Nice chat and messaging features, plus voice intros
  • Handy advanced search

The bad

  • Only upgrade option is a 3-day trial which extends to full membership unless cancelled
  • Lots of "dead" profiles
  • Free access mode is too limited
  • A lot of ads
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Total 38 Ratings
3 Reviews
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  • Avatar

    ZippityMarch 18th, 2019

    Below average

    Pass it by. Phoney as a 3 dollar bill. March, 2019. I have 7 years experience on and off dating sites. I think it is a scam. an illusion and a hoax. I have been on this site for about 3 weeks and have a paid membership in the last week. So far I have 221 views, 97 likes and 15 messages. But there are no messages. All the messages show is a photo of the person with a message that says "Interested in Jill? Send her a message. So I did send several messages to people who "Liked Me" and who supposedly messaged me. I have never received a response. I have good photos and I know how to write and spell. Many of the profiles are incomplete, red flag. I have my age limit set within 10 years and my distance set within 50 miles. Yet I receive notices of matches 30 years younger and in other states. More red flags. Don't waste your time or money. Stay on Match, or Okay Cupid. I don't care for POF or Zoosk. To many fake profiles with big age differences and distance issues. Free dating sites are for cheap skates and bottom of the barrel poor people. Quality people pay the price and it shows. There are no free rides in America. That is an illusion and a hoax. This is a capitalist country and it is about the money. Unfortunately most dating sites have traded off their integrity for money. Buyer Beware!
  • Avatar

    bbabe1June 20th, 2018

    Below average

    I went on Mate 1, never heard of it before. It is full of scammers. 1 man took $1850 for a check I found out was fake 4 months after it was put in my acct. I even went to B of A and they said it was a good check. It wasn't. 4 other men tried to scam me also. We need to hold these sites responsible for cheating. I even asked them to check these people before and they refused. Run don't walk from this site. Worse than POF.
  • Avatar

    genelleJune 30th, 2017


    I have never seen such a wide and diverse collection of absolute slobbo losers than I have on Mate 1, just awful disgusting men giving human evolution and intelligent species a bad name, on this or any planet. Seriously, I do not know why I wasted my time and am planning to get the heck off of that a s s crack of a site, before they suggest another rancid row of penile pustules that belong in a police station line up not a match up. Yuck, i just threw up in my mouth thinking about it! I didn't want to give this site even one star but it didn't let me move on with doing so.
  • Avatar

    RockDecember 29th, 2016


    Not worth it, scam, fake women, real ones don't respond. Look elsewhere!
  • Avatar

    sharon_1579November 30th, 2016

    Above average

    i can't open the site
  • Avatar

    patti_1136June 16th, 2016


    i was on the site a while ago and was not charged now am so won't be on it anymore
  • Avatar

    fuckyouFebruary 18th, 2014


    its a suckey site, most are fake women , I got 10 emails within 5 minutes of signing up, and thats with out paying for a memebership, I bet once they got my money the emails would disappear,

  • Avatar

    blacktail2012December 10th, 2012


    I tried mate 1 for 20 days, all l really are meeting are guys from Brasil. I live in in to me it's a joke !!
  • Avatar

    nimrod6004July 16th, 2012


    This dating site is full of scammers. The first 6 or 7 comments I read on here sum things up well. Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia, the list is virtually endless. I think 4 out of every 5 (or greater) female profiles are bogus. I also noticed that when I first set up my profile, within about 24 hours I had something like 30 "messages" in my inbox. I had to "buy in" for a month just to see what was going on. Appeared to me like most of these were bogus.

    Some of the warning signs I've seen include (but are not limited to): (1) Bad English...many "profiles" are in broken or poorly worded English. (2) Grainy pictures. Obvious sign of re-scanned photos, taken from where, who knows. Hustler for all I know. (3) Posting private email addresses in their profile. A lot of yahoo addresses. I suppose this is to get you out from under the auspices of Mate1. (4) Some women don't even know who they are or where they're from. One example, a woman ID'd herself as "Karen" on the site, then in a correspondence said her name was Lucy from minnesota. No capital "M". Typical African spelling disorder. Another woman had North Carolina listed in her heading, and then in her personal narrative said she lived in CA. More likely, she (or he) lives in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Avatar

    iam51504u2004June 10th, 2012


    Bull**** site ...the ladies are out for blood or money, lots and lots of spam; don't use this site, trust me! They will lead you on for days, on how they want that first date, they well even say they live in your town, then one day you look at their profile and they live in Finland or Germany. It's so f%@king stupid or mate 1 has removed them from other complaints.
Mate1 2.73 38 A review of Mate1. Mate1 claims to be one of the most visited dating sites with around 31-million registered users - however the number of people active there is probably far less. A trial membership costs USD$ 1.95 for 3 days.