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  • Avatar

    Richard_2365July 15th, 2010


    Having been a member of MatchDoctor for a little while it seems that the site has descended from marginal into completely useless. The owners/moderators do nothing to weed out the spammers and scammers, and daily I get age inappropriate 'messages' from 20 something's with a yahoo addresses attached. The site is chock-a-block filled with Nigerian or Russian scammers and ripoff artists who are continually flagged but site operators do nothing and the same profiles sit there day after day. The problem is so bad that I now thing that it is entirely possible that the site has been actually been 'purchased' by a scammer group for the sole purpose of ripping people off.
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    quentinOctober 14th, 2009


    Matchdoctor is a 100% free site with blogs, quizzes, forums, videos and email (100 per day limit). No payment is necessary to use any of the above features.

    You can pay for a gold membership if you wish, to enhance your use of the site by enabling the 'who's viewed' me feature, unlimited emails and the ability to upload graphics into your posts.

    I liked this site and found it very user friendly. I didn't meet my match on this site, my match is obviously somewhere else! I wrote blogs on this site and enjoyed the feedback in comments. I used the other features on this site and would definitely recommend it to others. I held both free and gold membership, I prefer the Gold Membership and it attracts more people to your profile as it brings you up in the top of the people search.
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    StanSeptember 6th, 2009


    MatchDoctor is just an awful excuse for a social site. A complete waste of time, and very poorly run. It does look pretty good, but that's as far as the good part goes.

    There have been some good people (members) there, but they are being driven away in droves by very imbalanced moderating and cliques to the extreme. Online forum discussions there are very volatile. As stated by others, membership levels now are dismal at best. Not even a fraction of several similar sites. One has to suspect when they advertise their numbers, they use all-time numbers rather than present membership. But if they can get away with that, I'm sure they figure why not? Who would know?

    I got no indication that any dating goes on by way of MatchDoctor. No apparent sign of that. However, you are scam-emailed daily from foreign countries, and there are indications that your email address is probably shared on email-lists, so if you happen to join anyway, use one you care nothing about.

    But the worst of it is that its primarily run by a very immature forum moderator, 'ForumMod', who spends his entire existence online, has huge ego issues, and who gets off on abusing the membership, simply because he believes he can if he wants to.

    This site is very unprofessional, and gets the lowest rating of any of its kind I've experienced.
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    JohnClarkMarch 29th, 2009


    Very bad dating site. More like junior/middle school for the idiots who are trying to relive their teens. Do NOT participate until you read the forums, blogs and enter the chatrooms for a couple days. Watch and learn how they act and react. No normal, well adjusted or respectable person lasts long on there. I've witnessed many, many nice people being bashed and trashed for no apparent reason. If you are new, you are trashed. If you speak out against the bullies, you are trashed. If you put anyone in the chatroom on ignore, you are trashed. If you speak of fun, creative, positive and enlightening things, you are trashed.

    I hope this site goes away with all of the idiots with it. Only problem, they live online all the time, so they will follow each other to another place and ruin it. The chatters got expelled from American Singles (which use to have a free chatroom until those idiots ruined it). If you want to witness a bunch of over-the-hill jerks and porkers with no apparent life outside of their virtual world and friends, then take a peek. But do not give them one cent!

    Maybe have fun with the real jerks and fight back, write fake blogs and troll the forums picking on the most vocal. Payback is a bitch. I gave this one star because that was the lowest it goes. If it went negative 100 stars, I would have picked that.
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    LadyJanuary 24th, 2009


    I was a gold member of this site for a year... All I ever received from this site was watching a group that the moderators favored and inner-acted with, beat and terrorize everyone that got in their way or they did not like. If you wish to join this site, please don't talk up for yourself or you will get deleted. The forums are a place that you do not want to enter. For those that like to blog, be careful of what you say or you will get the worse bashing that you have ever had... Until the owners change things it is not a good place to be.
  • Avatar

    CathyJanuary 24th, 2009


    I was on this site from when it started. When they introduced blogging it seemed to be a good idea but after time many of these people formed a clique and if you stood up for yourself the Mods took the side of the harassers. I was also a gold member which means I paid for the site. I am no longer a member and I do not go there anymore but I've heard it has only gotten worse and the membership is so bad that the clique is writing good reviews to try and boost it.

    I personally hope it continues to operate as the malcontents running it will be looking for a place to continue their harassment. So if you like being a follower and being censored for your honest opinion, are a bit depressed and have to air it daily, I'm sure you will enjoy the abuse. There is plenty of it. And most of the rest of the members are scammers. It is a scammer's paradise. Have fun!
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    Jane_492January 23rd, 2009


    Stay away... Be afraid! Cliquishness, fighting, nastiness and did I mention these people are married or in a relationship, but want to ruin it for us single people. There are blogs and comments targeting other people. If you have a weight problem, don't even try it... they are just mean. Attention seeking adult children.
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    HappyMDerJanuary 19th, 2009


    MatchDoctor is a wonderful, free site. Emails (100 per day), searches, blogs, chat, forums...all 100% free! I have found my match, but continue to frequent the forums and blogs sections because of all the wonderful friends I've made at the site. As with any online community, there are a few bad apples, but they are easily avoided. The moderation of the site is incredibly fair-handed, with no favouritism to speak of. I love MD and the wonderful community there!
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    CannyJanuary 16th, 2009


    I would not recommend this site to anyone. It's been taken over by a choice few who make it unbearable for the ones they don't like or want there. The mods are friends of theirs and continue to let them get away with it. I was a Gold member, but had to leave because of all the harassment towards me. They have lost more than half their members because of this. When I was first there they had over 1400 members and it is now down to even less than half that. That should tell you something about this site.
MatchDoctor 1.59 34 A review of MatchDoctor. MatchDoctor is a free site however they do have an optional upgrade which allows the site to be viewed without ads. In addition it grants rights such as having your profile highlighted and receiving priority position in searches.