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I give MD a zero for their rating. The number of members they advertise is a lie. If you go to the site, you will rarely see over 500 people logged on. Usually less than that. They do offer free chat, blogs and forums. Each of these areas has a group of bullies that troll them, seemingly just waiting for someone new or not in their little group to make any statement that they can jump on and abuse the person posting said comment. Recently one lady went to the area set aside to post abuse complaints and was so verbally assaulted that she gave up and quit the site. She had been a member for years but because of her opposing views to this group of bullies (who by the way are fully supported and backed by the site moderators), she decided it easier and less stressful to leave than to take any further abuse.

I read a couple of positive reviews from people and notice that they belong to this 'group' of bullies that pride themselves on when they are successful at running someone off the site. The site moderators even join in on making barbed statements to anyone that doesn't keep quiet and let them play their games with people’s feelings. They continually post statements 'we hope you leave' or 'if you don't like what goes on here, just leave'.

There is lots of discontent among the general membership at this time with what's going on in the site but the administration has yet to address the situation to the satisfaction of the general membership. They did however find out that many are trying to contact the owners of MatchDoctor to present all the negative documentation and get something done about this abuse. Their response was to go through the site and delete all the abusive comments and posts in blogs and forums. Too late, many members had already copied these posts and are going to present them to the owners.

If you are into being verbally assaulted and abused, are not seriously looking for a relationship or just want to see one of the worst dating sites on the internet, join MD and have a look for yourself. My statements will be verified the first time you go through the blogs and read closely what is being posted.

It is a very sad situation.

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    hoagbobnn343048December 1st, 2013


    Ha - so true. Worst "dating" site anywhere. The most active "members" are over 60, rarely venture out of their mobile home or shack, have no friends or family and live 24/7 on that site. Nobody would want to date any of them. There is a clackety old jerk who is very scary and drunk all the time. And a jimnastic old creep who sells crap on ebay for under $5 and is always broke. Most of the others have some sort of political bent and are crazed. Don't even bother looking at the women, they have not had a date in decades... ewwww. If you find a decent looking photo or profile ---- its a scam!
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    Happy_NowApril 21st, 2011


    For the time I was there, the most members I'd ever see online was around 250. I don't think I ever saw it go past 300.
MatchDoctor Reviewed by KentL on . I give MD a zero for their rating. The number of members they advertise is a lie. If you go to the site, you will rarely see over 500 people logged on. Rating: 1