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I was a member of MatchDoctor for about 16 months. People were friendly to me when I first posted, but seemed a bit stand-offish. I soon found out why. Everybody knew each other. I'm not talking about 20 people here; I'm talking about 100's. It was like walking into a wedding reception where I knew no-one. They were all having a good time, and I eventually did too. I just had to put myself out there. Introduce myself. Use my time to get to know people and put my energy into my own interests so they could get to know me.

The population is quite diversified, and if you read other comments regarding his site you will notice that many complain that there are COUPLES on this site or even God forbid, MARRIED FOLK. Yep, there are both, this is a friendship site as well. And while it does take a small bit of effort to figure out whom is with whom (so as to not step on any toes) I think it spoke volumes about MatchDoctor's reputation that so many would choose to stay on even after they had found their significant other.

On MatchDoctor they have free chat (which I was not interested moved to fast for me) The forums, which I found to be a merry playground and the best place and way to meet all those people. Different topics where you could be flirty, outrageous, argue and fight over the ills of the world. A fabulous Blog section that runs the gamut from jokes, to poetry, to copy/pastes to some downright brilliant writers. It truly has something for everyone.

As I said, I floundered a bit in the beginning and got utterly confused with the forum lay out. I in fact got so frustrated, I wrote a letter to the moderator my second week on the site. I did not get an email back with a link to shut me up, instead I got a personal email. Details on how to find what I was looking for. A friendly welcome and the offer to help me again if I found myself stuck in the same corner again banging my head against the wall. And when I found myself getting a little too outrageous in the forums, I had my posting removed and a no-no note from the Moderator asking me to reel myself in. And...I did. Again MatchDoctor is a site where people have taken the time to know one another. The moderator is no different. Situations are handled with a large amount of humor on the site and (I found) personal attention to their clients. That is the way we were treated even though MatchDoctor is free.

In my 16 months on MatchDoctor I met 3 incredible men. How many people have you met from on-line? Actually met? One of them ended up being my match. That is right, I'm no longer on MatchDoctor. I'm taking this time to focus on my relationship. But this site is like anything else in life, you definitely will only get out of it what you put into it. If you plan on opening a profile and wait for the offers to roll in, you’re on the wrong site. People actually take the time to get to know each other on here.

I have noticed a few negative comments about this site, and as I took the time to get to know people over on MatchDoctor, I know who these complainers are as well. I think that axiom...Everywhere you go, there you appropriate to most choices in life. Choosing the right dating site for you is no different. If you find that it is not for you, then leave. But as I was successful in finding my match at MatchDoctor, I can attest to the sites effectiveness.

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    CutsieJuly 17th, 2015


    Oh whoopsie! You met your match. Is he 30 yrs older than you, desperate and horny? What a lucky lady to have found him ONLINE. Huge kudos for a great catch. Now you don't have to be single. Instead, you can share your bed with a crusty old creep who adores you, so you think.
    Could you be anymore naive or stupid?
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    HeyyouMarch 27th, 2014


    One of the bullies I assume, glad you met another bully online and are happy abusing each other.
MatchDoctor Reviewed by FreezyCheesy on . I was a member of MatchDoctor for about 16 months. People were friendly to me when I first posted, but seemed a bit stand-offish. I soon found out why. Rating: 5