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Current topics on this DATING site from today, these people have no interest in dating, they just want to argue politics and bash each other :
Tell Boobtuck to veto the XL pipe line.
by chocolatechip844 | 1 comment
Tell Obama to veto the XL pipe line.
by Kentuck | 3 comments
Perils & Parenthood
by Injuneer | 5 comments
by violette1967 | 9 comments
Witty or Stupid
by hpylady_ | 9 comments
Cheney Calls Putin's Reason for Invading Ukraine 'Amateurish'
by revdoclove1 | 1 comment
What Is Your Favorite Dessert?
by texasgirl8585 | 6 comments
long day
by olpup | 4 comments
by Angel54214 | 16 comments
Getting 'WAXED' has a new meaning...
by chatillion | 3 comments
Would the Tea Party lead us to war, or away from it?
by revdoclove1 | 6 comments
Tell President Obama to Approve the Keystone Pipeline

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    CutsieJuly 17th, 2015


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    NotmyteaApril 3rd, 2014


    Ewww, no way! That site reminds me of walking into a room of nerds and losers and geeks who have no friends and only have each other. Same ugly bunch that copy and paste crap and then argue over it. It is NOT a dating site. It is full of evil, nasty, mean jerks who target each other with hateful comments. The site itself is full of viruses, so be prepared to lose your computer if you become a member. Don't do it!