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A dating site for married individuals looking for platonic friendship or romance outside of their existing relationship. The site claims that a third of people that use the service are already married, the others there are single and seeking to meet someone who's already attached.

If you're looking for friendship or romance but are already in a relationship, might be the answer.

It's an online dating site especially for married people looking for friendship or romance.

The owners of claim that a third of people that use online dating services are already married. The unique thing about this community is that no one has to hide their marital status.

Basic Membership

Once inside you'll find a standard range of messaging tools and your own private profile. This includes as onsite email accounts, password protected photos that can only be glimpsed by selected viewers and discreet billing.

MarriedSecrets is very controlled. Every profile and all photos must pass the site's verification process before being allowed to post publicly. A valid email address is required to complete the registration process.

They are non exclusive and openly welcome anyone single or otherwise to sign up and create a profile. When I joined it said it was free on the home page.

MarriedSecrets is very controlled. Every profile and all photos must pass the verification.

But I found this not the case. Subscriptions come in one, three or six month increments and provide access to the premium features. If you would rather not pay by credit card you have the option to pay by cashier's check or money order. Without payment there's not very much you can do as you won't be able to communicate.

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