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A place for singles that have made matrimony their ultimate goal and wish to meet likeminded others. Members from anywhere can join in, and if looking for love you have an opportunity to improve your matrimonial chances. is an online dating site for singles that have made matrimony their aim.

The site welcomes members from all over the world, so when looking for love you have a decent opportunity to expand your matrimonial horizons. Keep in mind however that love doesn't know borders - so you might have to do a bit of travelling to meet your new soul mate.


After signing up with a limited free account, you can create a profile, add some personal details and upload a photo.

To make your profile even more dazzling, a personal audio and video greeting can be uploaded as well. A simple search option takes the hassle out of browsing through thousands of profiles and matches each member with others whose preferences match their own. Overall what you'll find inside is pretty much standard.


You'll soon discover that most things you need, including making connections, will prompt you to upgrade. offers paid subscriptions to the site in one or six month increments. The rates for these subscriptions are discounted on a regular basis for new members only; however, these discounts are only offered for a limited time. Paid subscriptions provide the necessary privileges such as unlimited email usage and highlighted profiles.

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  • Avatar

    JCamp0712September 30th, 2018


    What Ever You Do Please Read This. Do not let them have the self renewing option. They will Renew, turn around and send you a message from someone that does not exist and when you open the message they use that to not refund your money.

    I had the dating site for six months. In the six months I had one woman, who lived twenty five miles from me make a hit on me. The remainder of the women who were not of my race, looked more like a man than even I do or had no pictures were all the women I ever saw.

    I did not know that they had automatically charged my debit account when I opened the message. Now I am stuck for the next six months on that crappy web site.

    It is worse than Our Time. The only difference is in the price, the software is the same. Unfortunately it won't be around for another six months.
  • Avatar

    RICHnHEARTJune 6th, 2018

    Below average

    How do you upgrade on this site, if they do not show you an upgrade sign? please respond, because i would really like to sign up right now.
  • Avatar

    BlondienMay 2nd, 2017

    Below average

    Pickins are slim but I think I found my prince. Will update if it happens.
  • Avatar

    GreatLady77December 17th, 2016

    Below average

    I like the site and the purpose they are trying to serve, but my experience was that there were rarely any hits from guys in CA. Mostly all were from the Midwest. They are fair about canceling your service if you ask them in advance (that's the key). You can also manage your account online and request this yourself. This is a BIG improvement over EHarmony whose billing practices border on extortion! For now, I'm taking a break.
  • Avatar

    marleenkvalheimSeptember 9th, 2016

    Below average

    I do not wish to be am member of your organization any longer
  • Avatar

    PatCarrollJuly 21st, 2016


    I agree, the place is a rip-off. I don't recall signing up for this for more than a month, yet they are charging me for Feb. already. I don't want this program.
  • Avatar

    Kim_5133May 18th, 2012


    This site is a total scam. Every single contact I've had are from fake profile scammers. I spent money here, and can't get it back. Stay away!
  • Avatar

    JamesLogsdonApril 15th, 2011


    I think this site is a rip-off! I signed up for one month to try it out. Glad I didn't spend more money. They changed my email address to some ridiculous email add that I could not remember and then they made me change my password twice. Consequently, I could not log in. Finally when they asked for the credit card number that I used, they came back and told me my membership had been cancelled. They never bothered to contact me! Be careful!

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