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Very low
Gender make-up More women
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Luvfree is a free dating and social community. It has activities such as forums, picture rating, chat rooms, and blogs which members can access. The site features "new users" and "friendly users" on the home page; friendly users being the ones who reply most often.

Luvfree is a free dating website for singles looking to connect with others of like mind.

How It Works

There are no fees for services, and I think what you get is very comparable to sites that cost money though perhaps not as polished. It has a very liberal communication policy. All members are free to email other members. Your profile will be ranked by how often you log in, so the most active members on the site are always easy to find.

Your profile will be ranked by how often you log in.

The liberal policy makes it easy to find members that interest you. Keep in mind; however, that one of the restrictions they do place on member is that you must have an uploaded photo in order to use the chat feature. For privacy, you can temporarily make your profile unavailable.

This site is an especially good one for American men who want to meet Russian or Filipino women looking to come to the US. There are a large proportion of Russian and Filipino women on the site.

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  • Avatar

    BubulasMay 22nd, 2019


    I was locked out for logging in. Don't know the reason why. Tried everything to follow up on the only response that looked serious. Even flushed DNS. Nothing in the world lets me even open te site Think I'll give up. Waste of time.
  • Avatar

    nillMay 12th, 2019


    With less than a dozen people online world wide, this must be a joke. A closed pet store would have more traffic than that...... The one user i was able to speak to had a very middle eastern accent and was impatient...... and his picture turned out on many other dating websites..................... BE VERY CAREFUL.....Seems like a site created to collect info, emails and phone numbers.... ..
  • Avatar

    AndrewBApril 12th, 2019

    Below average

    So far just scammers,well at least they're easy to spot,and trolling them is fun. 2 stars.
  • Avatar

    Lisa6July 30th, 2018


    Very discriminatory. They reject some members based on their appearance. And although they accept gay, lesbian, and bisexual men & women, they refuse transgender men & women, which makes no sense except for some type of bigotry.
  • Avatar

    CoptionalJuly 2nd, 2018

    Just average

    Rarely more than 20 people online at any given time. Most members have not been on in three months or longer. Complete waste of time. You'll find people in your local area, but they have been there in the past and are not coming back. The only contacts you will have will be with foreigners, mostly from the Philippines. Free sites like this simply do not work, if you expect results you'll have to use a pay site.
  • Avatar

    alwandersupJanuary 27th, 2018


    As a dating site it is a waste of time. I have been a member for a month. I have sent messages to 21 different people. None of them have even been read because the people I sent them to haven't logged onto the site in the last month. I'm guessing that, like me, they gave up on the site. The only messages that have come to me have been from women in the Philippines. Don't bother.
  • Avatar

    robertshonJuly 20th, 2016

    Just average

    I am searching for true love marriage partner who believe in long distance relationship. I want independent woman who has a high value and self esteem. if you are one, feel free to contact me. 1.57 7 A review of Luvfree is a free dating and social community. It has activities such as forums, picture rating, chat rooms, and blogs which members can access.