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LoveTest is an original site that has a selection of love tests and personality quizzes. You can take the tests online in a few minutes. Most analyze personality traits, age differences, zodiac signs, lifestyle attitudes and other factors. All tests on the site are free.

Want to know if someone has feelings for you? Take the love test!

Personality Tests, Love Checks and More

The first test on the site, the main Love Test, has 43 questions. The questions cover your personality traits, your feelings towards the other person, how long you've known them, & how they dress.

It also asks about your existing relationship with them (if any) and a few other questions designed to establish whether or not the other person has feelings for you.

On completing the test, a page is displayed that shows your personality traits as well as those of your dream partner. The test also predicts the outcome of the relationship, or will at least predict how your amorous feelings towards that person will develop.

The test will predict the outcome of your relationship

Lovetest has a number of other tests, including:

  • a crush calculator
  • a numerology test
  • a love thermometer
  • and a compatibility test.

There's also an iPhone version of the love calculator

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