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    CatOctober 14th, 2009


    This purports to be Christian for Christian dating. It is, however, as hypocritical as you can get. There are several gross ethical infractions, some of which are violating laws or regulations. One, the site solicits married individuals. Any dating site which does this is highly unethical, and to be "Christian" is unimaginable. These "Christians" are destroying families, marriages and leaving children with broken homes by seeking married people as their members. It is the utmost antithesis of Christianity. Furthermore, these married people in their clan have got to be lying about their marital status, and embroiling legitimate members into a hideous situation. A second highly unethical behaviour of this dating site is its definite practice of spamming email accounts. Their spam is obnoxious, intrusive and highly annoying, violating the peace and privacy of countless email recipients. Again, the antithesis of Christian behaviour. What Christian would be so disgusting, egotistical and have blatantly no regard for anyone else's peace. I recommend everyone to run from them, never join them, and never trust them. They have nerve calling themselves Christian. They are breaking spam laws, being as unethical as they can, and are, thus, nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. 1.74 19 A review of helps to build both platonic and romantic relationships between Christian men and women through a range of online features that are both fun and safe to use.