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I was on the site for a short time and met a very nice looking gentleman. He lives in the United States. We wrote back and forth many times and talked on the phone. As soon as I met him though he took a trip to Lagos, Nigeria and then asked for money for a failed business deal. On his way back I received an itinerary from a travel agent and I tried tracing the flights and nothing matched.

He was always polite and very nice and talked to me so much differently than many of the men on the site. I really thought I found the one. But now I don't think so now. I am just very confused because people do business in other countries all the time.

Has anyone else encountered this same situation or maybe with this same man. I would really like to read your replies to my post.

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    CAmbroseJanuary 25th, 2011


    I was contacted by Carmil Andre and he also told me he was in Lagos on business and was trying to tie up a business deal there to with selling cars and had asked me for money as well. I did not send him any since I have also been scammed several times on different Christian dating sites these men seem to prowl around and seek out women who have big compassionate hearts then take them for as much money as they can get away with.Please beware he has contacted me again this time he is says he is in India selling cars.

    ArleneDecember 31st, 2011

    Above average

    Replied to CAmbrose @C.Ambrose He has contacted me to saying he was from New York and was in India on a car selling business trip. He asked for money and promised he would pay it back. And gave his bank info. Which contained a lot of money. My gut instinct is that it's a stolen account. Thanks for posting this. I was just beginning to believe him. Have a safe New Years!
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    William_2979November 25th, 2010


    Avoid loveandseek completely! I joined to look for Christian singles in my area. Was instantly inundated with spam. Also contacted by a woman "SWTIEZ28". After she solicited me for monies for the 3rd time, I did a search and sure enough, she is a known scammer. Every anti-scam and black list has her profile. She called herself Francoise Marissa Dumond, but Interpol records show her real name is Krmen Pasata from Constanta, Romania (she earned her Interpol acct by writing bad checks all over the EU). She is part of a larger group of scammers who operate out of Romania with a man named Victor buying them pre-paid cell phones in the US (so they have US phone numbers). Her mother is also involved in the collection of funds and her brother Adam subscribes to anti-scam sites to monitor what is being reported. I reported her 6x and to this day her account is still active! Makes me believe loveandseek is a scam site itself as they are now ignoring the report of a known felon!
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    IniabasiSeptember 29th, 2010

    Below average

    My experience on this site has been too painful. Most of the men i have encountered here are liars and cheats. They come up with different names and pictures that they use; stating they had a business outside the USA and then turn round to ask for money for a so-called problem they had in their business. Example of such cases are the most recent ones that i have had from two - lordlovescarmil1234, and one Stephen Gaines with a London number but had a NY address. I came to realise that he lives in London and not in the USA. I made a report about this but their names were still there to trap other women. Carmil Andre scammed a $100.00 out of me in false pretence. Most of these men are here to make money out of women with lies and dishonesty.

    Last week, i got into unfortunate situation. The men use other people's names and pictures to get involved with women and come up with stories to get money from innocent women. This has been my experience and i am sure many women have been through this too. More than 80% of men on this site are scammers.
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    lurkerSeptember 16th, 2010

    Just average

    hi jross, I only just signed up to this site. I'm unsure if I'll keep my profile but wanted to read reviews of others who have joined. I haven't run into this man or this situation. I think it's something that's likely to happen on any dating site, sadly. One reason to be vigilant and careful when using a dating site. Have you reported him to the site owners? They should know if someone is trying to scam their members. Reviewed by jross on . I was on the site for a short time and met a very nice looking gentleman. He lives in the United States. We wrote back and forth many times and talked on the phone. Rating: 1