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Of course there are scammers on here they are on all the dating sites. Surely you don't believe some guy that lives far away and has to fly by plane to meet you isn't a scammer. They want to build a relationship talk on line forever distance is no factor when its true love. They want to exchange emails or go on yahoo messenger because they don't go on the site very often.

Just before they say they are coming to meet you they will either disappear or they will take a business trip to some foreign country where they will then have a financial disaster that only you can help them with. People they have known for years can't or won't but you they have known on line a few weeks are suppose to send to send them money.

Oh yes their funds are always frozen for some reason and right after wards they will fly to you and pay you back. first of all the person in the picture is probably a fake and you are probably talking to more than one person it could even be a woman. If they send you their picture right click on it and save the image on your computer then run it through google search or tin eye image search.

Often it will come up under romance scams. If you get their email address google it and see what comes up. I have had several come up on pig busters or scammers 419 . Good luck to every one

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