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Life Mates Canada is a personal matchmaking agency based in Canada. They claim over 22 years experience in this area and offer a full consultation service. Their aim is to bring together quality people using their own matchmaking philosophy.

Life Mates Canada is a brick and mortar introduction agency with tailored matchmaking.

How it Works offer a personal matchmaking service uniquely tailored to individual members. As a client you are initially interviewed by a relationship specialist who will try to gain an understanding of the aims and expectations that you have.

This covers what type of person you would like to meet, and your desired relationship. Together, the councillor and client will determine if the services offered by the company are appropriate for you as an individual.


Using their proprietary matchmaking system, Life Mates introduces its members to other suitable, quality individuals who are seeking the same kind of relationship, and who are compatible in terms of physical appearance, profession, and ambitions as well as many other characteristics.

Throughout this time, the relationship consultant will seek feedback and will try to "fine tune" the service to meet the clients' wishes. The consultant will also pass on feedback to the client from the people he/she has met, so helping them to improve their dating experiences.


Due to the personalized service offered by the company, the cost is naturally higher than that of an average online dating service. Therefore, Life Mates is only appropriate for those seeking a serious, committed relationship.

Given that the aim of this service is to discover your "life partner" and that such a choice could potentially change your life for the better, the fee could be considered a "good investment".

Life Mates offices are located in major cities throughout Canada, among them Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa.

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    JordanWatkinsJuly 16th, 2009


    Joining the beautiful family of Lifemates was the best decision of mine. I always go out with such great women and always have a great time. I'm actually dating Haley now. I met her about two months ago. We were set up by our matchmaker. We went out a few times before we decided that we're obviously meant to be. Haley is finishing her master's in music therapy which is the only thing that's keeping me from asking the big question. So far, they have not let me down at all and everything I wanted and asked for from them, I got. I think that they know how to run a business very well and it's no secret that they have the world's best matchmakers on their team. It would definitely by a smart move to sign up. 5 1 A review of Life Mates Canada is a personal matchmaking agency based in Canada. They claim over 22 years experience in this area and offer a full consultation service.