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An online dating service for followers of the Latter Day Saints movement. Inside you can communicate with, and meet LDS women and men in your area who are seeking friendship, companionship or possibly romance.

The site is for "singles" that attend the Church of Latter Day Saints. Don't worry if you are not LDS, you're still allowed to join. The site offers its users a number of useful features such a basic romantic matcher, video and voice messaging, chat and email.

Don't worry if you are not LDS, you're still allowed to join.


There is no access to any area of the site until you sign up - it's free to join. On joining there are three different membership upgrade plans to choose from. These membership upgrades provide access to the essential parts of the website. The free account is essentially just a trial - you can't communicate with other people fully until you do choose to upgrade.

Express your LDS credentials

You can load your profile with information such as age, weight and height, as well as put down whether you've been deemed temple worthy or recommended or have served a mission with the church.

Community vibe has a much bigger community than LDS Singles, but unfortunately I found the matching system was not as "user-friendly", and didn't produce such good results. The other annoying thing is that with the guest account, nearly everything you do takes you to the upgrade page.

Nevertheless, LDSPlanet is non exclusive and welcomes individuals of all levels of faith. The site has a number of features to help those new to the world of online dating feel less intimidated.

Features such as virtual flirts help break the ice while message ideas help to promote conversation (see the full feature list).

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  • Avatar

    scr7898March 5th, 2020


    Very very bad site! bad bad customer service> they don"t return calls> they can't understand english. their site does not work
  • Avatar

    AuntieASeptember 12th, 2018


    Worst customer service ever!!! This site is terrible they take your money, But they give HORRIBLE customer service and if there is a technical issue they do absolutely nothing to resolve the problem. DON'T DON'T DON'T waste your money. I started having technical issues after just a few weeks and they never fixed them, EVER. I suppose my profile is still up but I can't delete it because I have been locked out of my account for weeks. When you call customer service they act as if you are too stupid as to know how to clear cookies. Then they say they will send it to the technical team, this translates as "throw your complaint in the garbage". They send auto responses but no one ever actually fixes the problem.
  • Avatar

    LDSPlanetSucksJune 26th, 2018

    Below average

    The LDS Planet Website sucks!
    A high percentage of the members are inactive and the website sanctions any members that note in their profile that they are a non-paying member.
    So you can consider a high percentage are non-members
    Many members are not members of the LDS Church
    It has been found not to be worth the standard 6-month renewal fee, so if and when you sign up you should be aware of the automatic renewal and go to the account status page before the end of your subscription and turn off the automatic renewal feature.
    The automatic renewal will always be higher than the previous renewal fee.
    After turning off the automatic renewal you may be offered a renewal option of between $18 and $24 for 6 months, which could make staying on the website more palatable but it is for the most part still useless.
  • Avatar

    MarcialeaMarch 15th, 2018

    Below average

    Well, I learned the hard way that the computer generates and sends out flirts! This is a no go for me. it all starts with honesty and this is not honest! I was hoping that this site would have been different that the others, but it isn't. I know its hard to filter out the creeps but this site is full of them. I am waiting til my subscription expires then I'm out of here. Sorry, I was hoping it would work out.
  • Avatar

    D_4870February 11th, 2012

    Below average

    There's not much of a difference from this dating site compared to other non LDS sites. Many of them play the same game.
  • Avatar

    Paul_4694December 31st, 2011


    Do not waste your time or money on this. They decide to send you flirts and the ladies do not send them. Most of the ladies do not respond at all and it seems they think they are all too good. Funny how you would think a site for LDS people would be a little different but it is not. I guess that is why they are all single. If you are not a bishop they do not want to talk to you. Kind of funny but I wasted time and money on this site.
  • Avatar

    maria_4555November 23rd, 2011


    Hello, this is the first time I entered this site, had always wanted a place to meet people from my own religion and I found it here, it's amazing how many people, this one, I thought we were few but we are not alone many and in all parts of the world. I really love to meet friends from all over the world, with the same principle the same values, and if so Heavenly Father sees fit to find my eternal companion. That would be ideal, but everything will be according to what the Father sees fit, I just accept his will, thank you all. Atte Maria Castillo.

  • Avatar

    jerry_4506November 9th, 2011


    Hello! To all my beloved brethren I'm bro. Jerry P. Tripoli, married. I was working here in Jeddah KSA. I am born to this religion the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints.
  • Avatar

    SkynneJune 22nd, 2011


    Be warned! There is no rhyme or reason as to who you are matched with, other than maybe age. I hold LDS folks to a much higher standard of moral behavior than the average person on the street, and I hold myself to that standard as well. The warning bells should have gone off when I received only "divorced" matches. Then to make matters even worse, after being a member for a year @ $14.95/year, I suddenly started getting charges of $14.95 per MONTH! And they don't do refunds, either. It is all "technically legal" and in the fine print. This site is a total scam! Do yourself a favor and run far and fast!
LDSPlanet 2.22 9 A review of LDSPlanet. An online dating service for followers of the Latter Day Saints movement. Inside you can communicate with, and meet LDS women and men in your area who are seeking friendship, companionship or possibly romance.