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KoreanCupid is for Korean women and men seeking marriage, dating and love. This singles community has a free guest account that allows new users to browse profiles, send messages, create their own profile and upload photos and videos. There are currently around 45,000 active users.

KoreanCupid Review

This is a place where you can go to meet single Korean women or men looking for friendship and romance. Signing-up for a standard account is self-explanatory, it's also free. KoreanCupid also has more female than male users.

If you're a free user you can still view full profiles and photos but you must have an approved photo.

Starting Out

After joining, everyone starts off with a standard account. There aren't any fees to pay but you'll notice on the top right of the screen an upgrade option. This will unlock some additional features.

With a standard account you have the ability to create a profile, upload a photo and have limited use of the onsite email feature. Basically you can send messages but can't respond if the other person is not a paid member. While this does allow you look around, it does mean you'll be limited to talking to Gold or Platinum users only.

Bear in mind that if you send a message to another free member, they won't be able to read it but will see a message asking them to upgrade.

Going Further

To access more features, you simply upgrade to either Gold or Platinum. A Gold membership offers full access to email, instant messaging and chat room privileges while Platinum membership offer state of the art video, voice and text messaging features.

Profiles are moderated meaning that any spam is quickly deleted.

As well, you'll have other privileges such as the ability to surf invisibly, surf ad free, and you'll also be able to view all photos - even when you don't have a photo of your own. If you're a free user you can still view full profiles and photos but you must have an approved photo on your profile - and not a landscape picture of a mountain or tree either! It has to be you.

A Niche Community? also has a partner site called and this has a wider group of Asian singles to choose from.

KoreanCupid's open to all individuals, male or female, for the purpose of getting to know each other no matter what nationality or ethnicity. Along with dating and friendship, it also offers the opportunity for language exchange. You have a choice to view in English, Japanese or Korean.

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  • Avatar

    pedramMay 30th, 2017


    hello! i am pedram from vancouver. i like to have a korean girl friend!
  • Avatar

    ShirasoniJanuary 28th, 2016

    Above average

    visiting Korea now, seeking for a nice Korean girl of higher education, of all ages. The sooner the better. Shirasoni
  • Avatar

    RobertWaryJuly 16th, 2010


    Hello friends, I am Robert Wary from India. I'm very interested in making asian friends coz i like their culture, trade and tradition. I want to seek a girl who is really beautiful, kind and honest. She should be smart in the task she does ( maybe not in studies but in outer knowledge). Ok, bye, see u..

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KoreanCupid 4.17 4 A review of KoreanCupid. KoreanCupid is for Korean women and men seeking marriage, dating and love.