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JapanCupid has around 118,000 members around the globe seeking friendship, dating and marriage. Guest access (free) lets you search, send emails and send notification of interest. Full access, including the ability to read emails requires a monthly subscription; prices start at $34.99 per month for an upgrade to Gold.

JapanCupid Review

Despite the name, JapanCupid isn't limited to people of Japanese background, though of course many are. It also attracts those who want to meet some who is Japanese - most are seeking serious relationships (marriage or a long-term commitment), but some are there just looking for pen pals and friends.

While you can send emails without limit, free members can't read messages from other free members.

Inside JapanCupid

The community is for the most part open and friendly, and strict site moderation ensures things remain safe. JapanCupid has a global reach with individuals from many countries in Asia and Europe as well as Japanese people living outside of their home country.

Membership Levels

Standard memberships with limited email access are also free; however, it is possible to upgrade to Gold or Platinum memberships at any time.

This gives you access to options such as video profiles, chat, instant messaging and even a text messaging option. Platinum and Gold users also have the option to add a personality profile and search for others based on their interests.

If you have a guest account you'll soon find that while you can send emails without limit, free members can't read each other's mail. Full communication requires that either party holds a paid membership.

The site is open to all peoples regardless of nationality, race or culture. It not only offers its members dating and pen pal relationships but the chance for cultural expansion with others who are looking to take part in a language exchange. For those who do not speak English, a Japanese and Korean language option is available.

Response rates for men can be disappointing because there's more men than women.

In Summary

JapanCupid has an ample pool of around 118,000 active users; the site is both safe and easy to use, as well as being fun and engaging. On the down side it does have a high proportion of male vs. female members, which means response rates for men can be disappointing.

CupidMedia sites, of which JapanCupid is one, have a clear pricing policy and don't apply automatic re-billing. On expiry, you will need to re-activate your membership.

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  • Avatar

    yeziMarch 30th, 2017

    Below average

    here to find friends and maybe boyfriend,want a sincerely one who is loyal and never lie,my ex hurt me deeply,so i want a man loyal and honest
    thank you!
    good luck to you
  • Avatar

    Bob123456anJanuary 23rd, 2015


    Do not give your Credit Card to this company. They do negative billing to keep billing you
  • Avatar

    AnonomanJune 16th, 2011


    First off, the description of the messaging feature is inaccurate. You can send messages all you want, and you can receive them as well. The problem is, you can't read them unless you buy the upgrade. That includes messages from regular (free) users. Also, take a look at their terms of service where your photo is used.

    So basically, once you put up a photo, they can do whatever they want with it. They can even use it in a profile for a gay website, or use it in some advertisement. And, they don't give you the option to delete them; you can only hide the ones you have on your profile. Think about that for a minute. Would you expect a "trusted" site to do something like that, or even have that provision? I don't think so.

    This site is far too fishy. My suggestion to you is, don't use it. And DEFINITELY don't upload a photo.

    mario_3920June 19th, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to Anonoman @Anonoman I believe the terms are standard, you will find the same thing on almost any dating site or even somewhere like facebook...
  • Avatar

    mauicrispinaFebruary 27th, 2011


    Wanna meet who wants serious relationship, please who`s interested just e-mail me.

    kenedaApril 2nd, 2013


    Replied to mauicrispina hye i'm interested to meet serious relationship.

    brentSeptember 8th, 2011


    Replied to mauicrispina @maui crispina hi maui, i want a serious relationship too
JapanCupid 2.43 7 A review of JapanCupid. JapanCupid has around 118,000 members around the globe seeking friendship, dating and marriage. Guest access (free) lets you search, send emails and send notification of interest.