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Better for women is for adult personals style online dating. They carry active profiles of over 33,000 users; most are looking for casual types of relationships and hookups. It's free to join, but expect to pay if you want to send messages and fully participate in the site.

Is HornyMatches a scam or legit?

HornyMatches was once one of the top adult sites, but it has fallen apart over the years. As traffic declines, some dating sites revert to shady business practices. Many users have reported virtually all female profiles are fake on the site. If you get a notification from an attractive user then go to sign up, it's been reported that they stop messaging.

To avoid wasting your time, we recommend using a more active and established adult dating site like AdultFriendFinder. There may be more men than women on the site, but it's your best bet for an adult site with real people. It is the largest adult dating site by far, and is run by one of the most established companies in the industry.

The site is outdated, and it's doubtful you can still find real women there.

Years ago, Hornymatches was a place for meeting couples, groups, singles or anybody else for horny liasons. You could create a guest profile to take a look around without much fuss.

Your profile can be edited and improved at a later stage, including uploading/changing your pictures. As well as basic information, you can enhance the appeal of your profile by adding things such as fantasies, sexual activities, personality and outlook, sex accessories and more.

There's also a "Cupid Matches" button, which when clicked, will show you people who match your preferences.

Membership Levels

As with most adult sites, guest membership is fairly limited. Free members can wink at others, but they can't communicate in other ways, such as via email. Unlike Adult Friendfinder, it is possible to view profiles with a free account.

A Gold or Silver membership (starting at $36.24 for a single month) allows you to contact other members and begin a dialogue or set up a meeting. Paying members can highlight their profile, so that it's more prominent in searches.

As with most adult sites, guest membership is fairly limited. That's the case here.

They are also able to see the Instant Messenger screen names of those members who've chosen to make this information available to them. As an added bonus, there's a webcam feature that offers live adult content. Viewing is free, but most other types of interaction will require the purchase of credits.


The profiles on Hornymatches can be browsed by:

  • Basic appearance, gender etc
  • What they are into
  • Where they live: state/country

You can find matches quickly using the browse option or using the regular search function. Browsing by state/country is helpful because it shows the number of women and men (and who they are seeking), which gives you an instant heads up.

Using the search will allow you to narrow down your matches on specifics such as age and relationship type sought which can include erotic chat, discreet relationship, or fetishes for example.

On most adult sites, males outnumber females by a large degree; this place is no exception in this respect. Additionally, many users now suspect most female profiles are actually fake.

In Summary...

Hornymatches is straightforward and user friendly, with a format that's easy to navigate and use. Unfortunately, the site is rather outdated and it's doubtful you'll find real women there.

Best HornyMatches Alternatives

HornyMatches suffers from a lot of fake profiles and will be a waste of time and money for most people. If you're looking for some excitement and don't want to get burned, you're better off choosing an alternative that actually works.

The obvious choice is AdultFriendFinder. They are hands down the biggest and move active adult dating site. If you're looking to get down to business quickly and don't want to waste time or money, it's your best bet.

Visit AdultFriendFinder

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  • Avatar

    chadiJune 7th, 2020

    Just average

    i want to see nice women
  • Avatar

    denisetseaboltMarch 30th, 2017

    Above average

    If you want to some information about adult personals i include major thing in my site.
  • Avatar

    KrashinSeptember 15th, 2016


    Well, Although a new comer, the site seems to be good. Mind you! Nothing is 100% true on earth.
  • Avatar

    heartbreakkidOctober 18th, 2014

    Above average

    looking for a female partner who wants to enjoy this beautiful life
  • Avatar

    kenAugust 14th, 2013

    Above average

    Whats about on this site. looking for horny ladies for some fun anywhere in south island..... lots of massage and foreplay etc
  • Avatar

    punchy187January 9th, 2012


    I have not used this site but I have used hundreds of other sites and they are all the same. Every message or wink that you get you can rest assured they are fake. The only possible real girls you might find are the ones you message first and that is still very low odds. Keep this in mind when thinking about using these sites...the ratio of men to women is roughly 95% men to 5% women. Your are fishing in a tank full of sharks looking for a handful of minnows. Always check the websites server traffic on Alexa or some others that tell you details about the traffic using the site. How many are men, women, etc.
  • Avatar

    James_4583December 1st, 2011


    Don't waste your money. Pure B.S., some will lead you away from the site and then ask you to pay for web cam. My next trip to Puerto Rico, I am going to find this guy who is collecting the money and stick my foot up his ass. H.M. = B.S.
  • Avatar

    AbidinOctober 23rd, 2011

    Below average

    Nice website and very interesting. I find many articles that say it is very interesting too. Hope to get more sexy girls to join in.
  • Avatar

    harleyman15801September 10th, 2011


    I have to agree. I was dumb enough to join it a second time here is my story. I joined it and sent out a butt load of letters to women who were supposedly around me and guess what like everyone else said the ones that did reply were hundreds of miles away so i let my membership run out. The very next day this one girl on it who i was really really interested in sent me mail. She said she was in the same town so dummy me joined it again and low and behold she never answered me after I sent her several letters so i let my membership run out again. You won't guess who or what mailed me. Yep it was her or the machine or whatever. All i can say is I got to get a site like this so I can retire from working and become a billionaire.....haha.
  • Avatar

    veryfunguyOctober 30th, 2010


    When I lived in San Diego I paid for their membership. Complete waste of money. 98.99% of female profiles are fake. How do I know, alot after searching for several months alot of the profiles said the exact same thing, many had the same picture. I even e-mailed atleast 1,000 females asking them to reply to see if the website was real. Only 2 females replied who lived several hundred miles away from myself. Also they used my credit card to pay for their verizon wireless bill. Multiple times!!!
HornyMatches 2.2 20 A review of HornyMatches. is for adult personals style online dating. They carry active profiles of over 33,000 users; most are looking for casual types of relationships and hookups.