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Hater is a free app where you connect with people who hate the same stuff you do.

Just when you though every kind of dating app had appeared by now a new one pops up. Hater is an app that matches people not on what they like, but on what they don't.

Hater shows you a whole bunch of topics and you just swipe to hate, like or don't care.

Getting In

To start on Hater you simply download and install their app from their website or the iTunes store. To get in you have to link it with your Facebook account and give it the necessary permissions to access your personal data. Next enter some basic details about yourself and choose a photo to get your profile up and running.

Hater says that many people connect romantically on shared negativity.

Matches, Hate to Like

The first thing to get to grips with on Hater is certainly the matching. This is the way the app gets to know you. It matches you according to what you love or hate.

Some things on the list of hated things can seem quite random and irrelevant.

Hater begins by showing you a whole bunch of topics. You just swipe to hate, like or don't care. You'll spend a fair amount of time scanning through lists of things. Topics cover everything from sex to politics, current news, food, etiquette, to everyday life and more.

The topics do seem to be written with a certain demographic in mind. Some things on the list of hated things certainly can seem quite random and irrelevant.

There doesn't appear to be a way that you can add your own topics or refine what you are interested in.


After providing some input, Hater will start to show you real matches based on what you've clicked on. When you click on the profiles of those matches, you get to see what the other person hates. And the idea is you'll get an instant idea as to whether you'll connect with them.

Remember there are no personality quizzes, or deal breaker settings as such. That means you can pretty much end up with anyone. The only thing you have in common is what you don't like.

For that reason it's wise to ask your date some basic questions before you meet them.

Using Hater

In all Hater is unique app. It's entertaining as well as easy to understand. But the problem I found is that the topics are too centered on a particular demographic. If you don't fit that it's hard to see how it can work for you when you don't really have an opinion on a lot of the things you're swiping on.

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