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Cost 10 coins $2.99
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Popularity 2.2 million active users
Very popular
Gender make-up Men/women equal
(1 to 1)
No gender bias

Happn is a free dating app that you can carry in your pocket. It notifies you when someone nearby matches your preferences. Coins buy additional perks.

Happn is an app that knows where you are and alerts you of nearby dates.

If you're not a fan of tracker type apps then this one won't be for you. Look at Hinge or Grouper instead.

How it Works

It's very simple. With the phone app switched on, when you're close to someone else who's also on, you'll get a notification. You'll then have the chance to accept or decline them. Of course even if you do accept, there's no pressure to actually go any further than a quick nod and chat.

Happn does use some very basic filtering so that you see profiles that are the most relevant to you. That means at least the right age and gender. You won't ever match with people who don't match your criteria. And likewise, you won't appear if you don't match theirs.

You can change your preferences under your account settings.


The biggest downer I found with Happn was that of coverage. I found I only got matches when I was in very busy, populated areas like shopping malls or busy streets. Otherwise nothing happens! This makes sense since Happn doesn't have the largest pool of uses when compared to apps like Tinder and OKCupid.

If you stick to the same routine and places (as I do) you won't see many new matches. The same people will keep appearing over and over. Just for good measure Happn will tell you how many times you've cross paths with that person.

Beware of "Cringe" Matches

You'll also want to make sure it's switched off at certain times and places to save potential embarrassment. I've heard of people in business meetings being matched up with their work colleaguesââ,¬Â¦ This might be ok for you but in many situations it's embarrassing.


Happn's app is free to download. That gives you all of the basic access you need. You can also buy coins which will give you a few additional features above and beyond what free users get. These include the "charm" feature and "I'm in".

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