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Gender make-up More men
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Better for women

Gothscene is one of a few specialty sites dedicated to those who live or are interested in the gothic lifestyle. The site attracts those seeking dating, romance and friendship; it allows members to share music, photos, chat and message each other.

Gothic, or just a bit alternative? Gothscene attracts them all.

What to Expect

If you're looking for a huge buzz of activity and people popping you messages every minute, you sadly won't find it here. Like their main rival GothicMatch, this is a small bunch of gothic singles. There is some activity there but it's knowing where to find it.

Everyone who joins the site has the opportunity to create their own unique and descriptive profile with as much or as little information as they please. Members can then upload a maximum of four photos.

Finding Matches

There are a few ways to actually find people. There's a browse and a search feature. However I couldn't find a way of filtering out "zombie profiles" - those who hadn't visited in years.

Using the advanced search option means you can find others with compatible interests, and also find them within a reasonable distance of one's zip code. An optional free, three day trial allows new members to get a first-hand look at all the perks and privileges of a paid membership. is clearly not a mainstream site and nor should it be. It's in a unique niche where those living the gothic lifestyle can meet up and get to know others in a safe environment. is clearly not a mainstream site and nor should it be.

To ensure the authenticity of each and every member, profiles and photos must be approved via the site's verification team. This means members will not have to spend time weeding through fake profiles.

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  • Avatar

    Oceansoul999June 27th, 2018

    Below average

    Great, you're at an all time low so you actually find someone you like and long for Happy hour to message them. Bam!!!!! They're not online and can't reply! You get messaged by imbeciles who send the same repetitive ramble to everyone. If you wasn't in the grips of depression enough to end up on there then congratulations.
  • Avatar

    ValGherrisJuly 27th, 2017


    Name is Val. I am on this site and it really sucks. The Premium Service is a total SCAM and not worth the money. Normal members can barely reply to you, unless they happen to be on at the exact same time that you are on. FAIL date site 100%
  • Avatar

    introvertebrateJune 12th, 2012


    The site has a very odd way of working. Premium users can send IMs and messages to anyone they like on the site.

    HOWEVER, free users CAN NOT read messages they have been sent. They can only read IMs.

    So even if you do upgrade to a premium account, the only sure way you will be able to contact anyone would be if they happened to be online at the same time as you. This seems like a bit of a gamble, especially since you do not know who is a free user and who is premium.

    I thought I may have misunderstood since it seems a bit crazy, so I confirmed it with their support people...
  • Avatar

    ChickenbitsSeptember 24th, 2010

    Below average

    The selection of women to be found on this site has dropped drastically in the past year. I have to say it isn't worth the money when at any given time its one single page of women...... I believe this is due to the fact that the site is loaded with lecherous men. They start off by saying sexually suggestive or outright rude or fifthly things to women.

    Which leads to most women I have met only being a member for a day & never returning to said site. Which is sad because not all men on the site are like this & the pool is thinned out due to angry & sexually frustrated men.

    If you're a man save your money there aren't half as many women on that site as it used to be.
    If you're a woman & have a thick stink I guess it's worth a look see due to the fact for every woman there is at least twenty men.
GothScene 1.25 4 A review of GothScene. Gothscene is one of a few specialty sites dedicated to those who live or are interested in the gothic lifestyle.