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Gleeden is an extramarital dating site with members throughout the world. Registration is anonymous and secure, and once a member you can create a detailed search to locate attached women or men in your area who are seeking an illicit relationship.

Gleeden is a dating site for married women and men looking for relationships outside of their marriage.

The site was launched in order to address the needs of married daters who could not reveal their true identity on dating sites, because they were married and risked getting barred.

On Gleeden it's very simple. All of the members are either married, in a relationship, or single and looking for someone who is already in a relationship. So there's nothing for anyone to hide.

You can let someone know you have a crush on them or initiate a private message.

Areas Covered

Gleeden is international, so it works well for people who travel regularly and would like to meet someone for an encounter while they're traveling. Nevertheless you can also find someone close to home, if you desire.

Gleeden has a far smaller membership than its main rival, AshleyMadison, and although it is open to members worldwide, most of its members are from the UK and Europe.

Once inside Gleeden's you'll find it very easy to navigate with it's easy layout. You can send virtual gifts, let someone know you have a crush on them or initiate a private message. Pricing is very flexible. You can either buy credits, which never expire, or a monthly membership.

Monthly membership gives you all inclusive access to the site during your term. Credits, however, are better for occasional users, who don't plan to spend a lot of time on the site, but may want to contact someone now and then.

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  • Avatar

    andrew11December 21st, 2018


    The slogan "By women, for women." is crap, just marketing. The men/women ratio is 50 to 1. Women accounts are free, men are spending like crazy $$$, to spam the few women profiles which are overwhelmed and usually don't reply. Some women profiles may be fake/old as they behave weird or do nothing. !!! Caution:The website doesn't return money. Don't use, is a waste of time and money!
  • Avatar

    theromanticMarch 31st, 2011


    On March 27, 2011, I've received an email saying that I was sent a private message. When I log on to my gleeden account, it says Unread messages(1).

    I just purchased 25 credits for $14.99. But my credit card was charged $99.99 for 100 credits.

    But when I click to open the message, it doesn't work. It just says: No new messages have been received.

    So I am requesting a full refund.
  • Avatar

    AlphaSeptember 2nd, 2010


    Ma Gleeden realmente attivo in Italia o in qualunque altro paese, o una presa in giro? E se funziona, com?

    Is Gleeden really operating somewhere in the world, or is it a fake? And if it's operating, what do you think about it? 0.67 3 A review of Gleeden is an extramarital dating site with members throughout the world.