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Geek 2 Geek brings geeks, nerds and their admirers together with a safe, friendly, and easy to use site. Geek 2 Geek uses a matching system designed specifically by and about geeks. Geeks should not be alone, so if you are a bit of a geek or a fan, this site could be worth a look. brings self-described geeks, nerds, and similar persons together for all kinds of relationships.

Geeks rejoice! Here is one of the only online dating sites dedicated to the socially awkward... Gk2gk provides a romantic connection and meeting spot for those interested in finding friendships, buddies, dating relationships, and serious relationship. Because there are so many types of relationships possible on this site it's important to be specific about what it is you're looking for in order to get the best possible matches.

Free Accounts

Basic free access gives you the following:

  • Create a full photo profile
  • View other people's profiles in full
  • Create a favorites list
  • View private photos
  • Send out friend requests

The format is pretty user-friendly, and all of the options I tried were easy to use. This might seem counter-intuitive since its target is those who are typically quite computer literate, but the bottom line is that an easy to use interface is going to be more popular and active.

Be specific about what you're looking for to get the best possible matches.

Upgrades also offers useful search tools to help members and users connect with each other, although like other paid sites the most comprehensive features are available only to paying customers. Basic membership is free on, allowing you to search profiles and send winks to others.

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  • Avatar

    GhostbusterJDecember 7th, 2020


    Signed up for 1 month at $8.99, received absolutely now messages or seemingly any activity at all. After a month, out of nowhere I was charged $42.99 for a recurring payment I never approved, which I'm 90% sure was never mentioned when I signed up. Waste of time and definitely a waste of money!
  • Avatar

    Oso512November 12th, 2020


    I canceled disabled auto renewal and had to file with the better business bureau there is no way to cancel im having to contact my financial institution and cancel my card just to get this crap off my bank account. I tried to email. I tried to contact directly. I tried calling their customer service line. This was a total hassle. Not worth the time. Money or energy don’t get it don’t do it it’s all crap!!!

    Did not work. Total scam all replies are bots it’s all BS!!!

    Caveat Emptor!!!
  • Avatar

    ChronoJuly 17th, 2020


    So you know how communication and introductions are super important to users of dating sites? Without that, people would never be able to connect. And yet, this site literally walls the messaging system behind a ridiculously expensive subscription service, meaning free users cannot talk to each other under any circumstance. Oh but don't worry, you can send "flirts" to let people know they're interested. If they ever log on, that is.

    How do you **** that up? How do you make the single most vital part of a dating site that messed up? It's beyond me, and it ****es me off.

    If you're looking for a dating site for nerdy people, please go somewhere else.
  • Avatar

    robbleMarch 26th, 2020


    Created a free account, got some winks, got an email from the site offering a promo code for "memberships as low as $5.99". Except one of the links was broken, and the working link only dropped the membership prices by half, which is WAY more than 6 bucks.

    So I attempted to contact their webmaster or customer service or admin or ANYBODY that could fix the broken link (still there, on their web-served version of the email!) or give a promo code that actually gave the advertised promo price. ALL EMAILS BOUNCED.

    If I can't reach you to tell you about a bug on your website, how am I going to contact you if I have billing issues with my credit card? That's easy. I'm not going to give you my credit card info. Schmucks!
  • Avatar

    DJBJanuary 29th, 2020


    This is possibly the worst SCAM dating site I have ever been on. I am not saying that there are scammer profiles on the site. I am saying that the site owners are SCAMMERS!

    Every dating site wants you to pay to play. No biggie. We all know that. But with this site, here's what happens if you pay. I got plenty of flirts from people. I decided to pay for one month because I'm not about to get screwed over long term.

    For that entire month, those people never responded when I sent them letters.

    But the VERY NEXT DAY after my paid account ended, I was getting the **** FLIRTS again!

    Anyone with an once of since knows that clearly this crooked website is putting up fake profiles to pray on people and is sending out flirts from those fake profiles.

    And then they have the arrogant audacity to send out new flirts the moment you stop paying? Oh **** no!

    These people need to be taken down!
  • Avatar

    JustinikusDecember 9th, 2019


    As far as I can tell, the girls on this site are not real. I received many 'flirts' and 'favorites' to my flirts and messages, but not a single one of them replied to any of my messages. Why, if you like a person and send them an indication of interest, would you not respond when that person sends an introductory hello? I can see maybe this happens once in a while, but twelve times? All the same pattern? It looks to me like these are the actions of bots trying to keep men hopeful. Complete waste of time and money, if there are real women on here they're too shy to even say hello, even if you make the first move.
  • Avatar

    phantomgun4November 14th, 2016


    I could not tell you how many chinese girls in their 20s that just moved to america, contacted me, that were basically named Mai ling. Also the sites been down a months or longer and I just got charged! I'll have to go to the bank to stop the charges since I can't log into my account!
  • Avatar

    JyntSeptember 26th, 2016


    horrible website. waste of time. don't go here at all. The men are all over the country and just looking for one night stands. beware of scammers and stay away from this site.
  • Avatar

    RosamariaJune 6th, 2016


    It's full of nigerian and west african scammers!
    Don't give the site money so u can talk to someone who says they are from jersey but are really from nigeria!
  • Avatar

    shavkatMay 25th, 2016


    please check my tracks. thank you
Geek 2 Geek 1.24 87 A review of Geek 2 Geek - Geek 2 Geek brings geeks, nerds and their admirers together with a safe, friendly, and easy to use site. Geek 2 Geek uses a matching system designed specifically by and about geeks.