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Great Expectations is an introductions agency that operates in the United States and provides personalized matchmaking services to its clients. Prospective members are pre-screened through a face-to-face meeting at one of the agency offices.

Ge-dating, also known as Great, claim to offer 30 years worth of experience in matchmaking now in an online venue.

With a number of brick and mortar locations still in business all across the U.S., members can feel comfortable that this website is a legitimate and reputable place to find a match.

Where it began

At one time, GE offered an online membership based dating service, however this has been withdrawn, and on opening the GE homepage visitors are prompted to create an online profile. This being a registration for the personal (offline) matchmaking service.

How it works

Upon creating a profile, you can then browse dating prospects in your local area for free. A trained professional will then make contact to further discuss membership options. The price of the personalized introduction service is not cheap and typically runs between $1000 and $4000 dollars.

Great Expectations is known for practicing a rigorous prescreening protocol. As part of this prescreening protocol, you must meet face to face with a dating counselor at a physical location to complete a membership.

Is GE-Dating worth it?

Ultimately, offers a safe online matchmaking environment combined with an offline process that requires a face to face consultation for full membership.

This service does come at a rather steep price. Not only that, unlike fully online services like Match say, you are limited to a much smaller number of dating prospects who're within the vicinity of the company's offices.

You can find physical locations for Great Expectations in or near several major cities in the U.S.

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  • Avatar

    slrooneyJune 8th, 2012


    GE is a total waste of time and more importantly money. A lot of members are out of state, more out than local. People don't respond to any messages. I think it is because they don't bother with it anymore because it is terrible. I would tell people to stay away from it unless they just want to waste money. Terrible site, you are better off on line.
  • Avatar

    Beth_1082June 18th, 2009


    I have had a great time meeting people through GE. The staff is always very helpful. I have also done a lot of business through contacts I have met through the service. I believe they know what they are doing. It is all about knowing what works for you and what doens't and always let member services know they are like my personal little shoppers or helpers. Shannon is the one I love the most she really knows her stuff! I would recommend checking into this avenue to anyone. Thanks so much!
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    JimPalazzoloApril 24th, 2009


    I've been a GE member for over a year and spent more money on this useless site then I ever have on any other dating site. I've sent numerous e-mails to my sponsor and received not one response. I will never recommend this site to anyone and will be sure to report GE to the better business bureau. One thing I hate is being ignored when I feel I spend good money for a service. Apparently from other reviews I've read on the web about GE, this is no surprise to you. I will be sure to bash GE on every GE review here on forward.

    An unhappy sponsor!!

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GE 1.73 4 A review of GE Great Expectations is an introductions agency that operates in the United States and provides personalized matchmaking services to its clients.