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FlirtingStudents is for anyone who wants casual dating and hook-ups rather than relationships. New members have limited access to the site for free but must purchase a subscription in order to message others.

FlirtingStudents is a dating site for lonely students and interns.

How It Works...

To be clear, this is a hookup site. It's not a place that you're likely to find a lasting relationship. If that's what you're after try Like other sugar daddy websites, the purpose is to provide students with discreet dating encounters. This can be while at school, university or just working away from home.

To be clear, this is a hookup site...

The site's motto is that students should be able to have fun while they are abroad - this is a way for them to get in touch with each other and meet new people. If you are open to experience casual relationships within a new culture this site provides an avenue where you can do this. It is a site for adults seeking sexual encounters with other adults.

What You'll Find

FlirtingStudents allows both individuals and couples to seek out their own desired form of sexual contact and partners through the structure of the site. Once inside you have a range of simple choices that let you see who is online. Unlimited messaging is available to paying members. Creating a free basic account is required to view adult content, while paid membership is required to contact members.

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