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FlirtinAsia is for Asian people or anyone who wants to meet someone of Asian ethnicity. It's free and very simple to use. Members can upload photos and videos of themselves and chat and interact online with others.

FlirtinAsia has has been around since 2010, and so far has a fairly small following.

Nevertheless it's a simple and quick way to start meeting new friends from other parts of the world.

What You'll Find There...

Most people on the site are of Asian origin, though not all. You'll find people from other countries who are simply there because they are attracted to this unique culture. The features provided are all simple but practical.

Once a member you can do full searches and also create friend lists, block-lists, and message others on the site with the handy email tool provided. It's also possible to cast votes and make comments on other people's photos. Popular members are displayed in a photo gallery.

FlirtinAsia is a niche site, attracting men, women and ladyboys of the Asian culture, all with the common interest of making new friends and relationships.

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