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  • Avatar

    braziliandancerJuly 20th, 2010


    DO NOT ever try this web site, they are rubbish, they removed my cousin's membership mixing her up with me but they insist to keep an abusive user's membership alive even when this member sent me quite offensive messages. They are out of order, they do not care if a member abuse another member, or swear at her they just think about money but nothing else. They do not know what they are doing, i have contacted the better business office and sent emails to the newspapers and press offices about this rubbish site, they allow abusive people to carry on their abusive activities. They of course refused to refund the money back but my credit company has paid the money back to me already and now they have to pay the money to my credit company, hope they get lesson. Stay away from this people.
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    FitGirlMay 18th, 2010


    Their prices are far too high for the small number of members they have. Guys over forty were few and far between so not worth my spending the money. Online dating is a numbers game and there is too much competition so I hope someone wises up and creates a free or much cheaper fitness dating website because then I and many other fit people would join.

    IronmanJuly 4th, 2010


    Replied to FitGirl I agree with the post below. There aren't enough members on this site to justify the prices they charge. Unless their rates come down, I bet this site's days will be numbered.
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    XcelApril 13th, 2010


    I agree with both the opinions below - I can't even get reponses from girls I wouldn't usually go for, i.e. lowering my standards.
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    FitguyJanuary 25th, 2010


    A complete waste of time. Despite this site "REAL" appeal, the NICE women are probably fake. Only a few a the girls even open the mail you send them. Go to your gym, if you want to find fit women.

    superactiveApril 9th, 2010


    Replied to Fitguy @Fitguy I agree with fitguy....been on the site for a month and have had similar results, not answering mail nor responding to online messages. The woman that have responded are either rude and have a very high opinion of themselves. Try another site or your join your local gym and other fun activities...
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    Chris_1548November 19th, 2009

    Useless is a terrible dating website because not only must you be a member to send messages, but your recipients must also be members to receive them! They are also very careful about screening out any other references to email, so if even if someone wants to reply to you, they must pay to do so! Also, if you attempt to insert your email address into your profile, they not only reject your edit, they also reject all future attempts to edit your profile!
    On a scale of 1 to 10, fitnesssingles scores a negative SUCK.
Fitness Singles 1.68 45 A review of Fitness Singles. Fitness Singles is an online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts or those who want to meet them.