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  • Avatar

    love2gymFebruary 19th, 2011


    This site is a total con!! Beware! I cancelled my subscription with plenty of notice and even got a confirmation email that my auto renewal would be stopped. Checked my bank account and the cheeky robbing F**ckers had taking another month's payment without my knowledge or permission!! Don't know if I will ever see it again? Stay away from fitness singles and don't give them your card details!
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    AutumnJanuary 7th, 2011


    Just wanted to reply to those whom are thinking its a scam.... well it's not. I was hesitant to join for obvious reason, however I have been dating someone I met off the site for 1 1/2 years now. He is the most genuine and handsome man EVER, my other half! I just hope when you do decide to take the leap and date online.... do it the right way. You must make them respect you and meet in public for at least 6 weeks and take things slowly. We first met at Starbucks and I took my pup for good measure! Best of luck!!
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    Bill_3092December 24th, 2010


    One star also. I did one dating site few years ago and had made a lot of contacts and had a few dates, some have lead to long time friendships. I am not all into myself and a former pro athlete and decent looking. Fit singles has been the opposite results. Maybe the on-line dating site has been becoming saturated. I have been finding more interesting people with-in becoming more active and involved in my sports. All-in-all, save your money and most of all your time elsewhere....
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    DebiDecember 22nd, 2010


    I agree with everyone regarding very few members and inflated prices. The one thing F.S. doesn't tell you is some of the profiles are set up by people who are checking out the site deciding whether to join or not. So you have no idea if that person is a member or not and it will look like they are because it shows when you log on (i.e. within 24 hrs). If you save a person's profile they can check you out and respond but have no idea you are not a member and then they think you're rude by not contacting them. I'm not wasting my time or money on this site.
  • Avatar

    Ben_3014December 5th, 2010


    Wow, such positive comments. If you are not getting a reply it is more than likely that you are not promoting yourself well. Also remember that you are one of many and may not be the one for that member. 2 weeks.... really, you think you will have complete success in that amount of time. A one month membership is about the same or less than one date! The site works really well, I have met a lot of nice woman and have grown a couple of relationships over time. One fell apart due to a move and the other is on. All of this in 4 months. Believe me when I tell you the woman are every bit of real!!!
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    FinetuningllcSeptember 17th, 2010


    Fit singles is awful...DO NOT waste your money. I don't even think the good looking people exist. The guys in my area are shlumpy and haven't been on the site for weeks and months. A total complete waste of money...if you sign up, they don't pay back anything. I joined for 3 months...could see it was a scam. from Sept 2-17.
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    swimchikAugust 30th, 2010

    Below average

    They do a good job of removing fake profiles; they have pulled some scammers off within an hour of my reporting them. I do agree that there are not a lot of members, but the pictures are great! I have chatted with a few guys, but it was more for fun because they lived too far away to date.
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    Tom_2549August 29th, 2010

    Above average

    I have been on the site for about 2 weeks now and I have received many responses to my emails. The customer support has been prompt and courteous and unlike many websites they even have a toll free international number for contact. The key with any online dating site is to create a professional looking profile and add some sincerity to your bio. Too many profiles that are created for online dating sites contain poor grammar, spelling and dark photos. Also, don't list your "seeking for" age range as 18 to 40 if you're a 40 year old man. It creeps out the women that you are trying to contact. As with any dating site online you get what you put into it. All the women have to go off of is what you include in your profile so spend a good amount of time creating it. I agree that there could be more members but the site is not designed for the popularity contest found on sites like Match. The focus is on a small amount of quality leads. Hope this helps!
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    Alex_2528August 23rd, 2010


    I total agree, this is a waste of time and money. This is why I am creating a site for fitness singles where you can become a member for free. This is not like the sites that tell you to join for free and then you get emails from members and to read the emails you have upgrade to a premium paying membership. This is my site and it is and will be free. I'm still working on it but pay the site a visit and let me know if there is anything I should add for the fitness singles. Thanks, Alex
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    bikerguyJuly 31st, 2010


    i am in total agreement with the prior reviews! expensive, non-responsive, and few members especially in your region. dont even bother.
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