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Cost 1 Month $24.99
Popularity 1.5 million active users
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Gender make-up More men
(3 to 1)
Better for women

Firstmet is a social dating app with members across the globe. It works with Facebook and mobile/cell phone platforms such as the iPhone as well as conventionally via the website. You can link to your Facebook account and receive matches. Or receive matches on the go, directly on your mobile device.

Firstmet is a social dating experience for facebook and mobile is the new name for the dating appAre You Interested. It links dating with the social network, giving access on various platforms and devices. It is easily compatible with your mobile phone, making looking for love even easier, and easy to take with you on the go.

Automatic Matches

The app is international, and easy to use, since it sends you your matches automatically once you've set up your preferences.

Searching is easy, and you can find matches who are located near you. You can also communicate with your matches via email, and short messaging.

Facebook Access

One of the things that make it easy is that, because it links to your Facebook account (Firstmet AYI app), the amount of information you have to enter is minimized.

You can use the pictures, for example that you already have uploaded to Facebook for your profile. The site has been online a while now, since 2009 to be exact. It has gained quite a large membership because of the popularity of Facebook.

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  • Avatar

    patrickjamesbuckleyApril 5th, 2017

    Just average

    they deleted me from face book for no reason and i just paid you for this service i wish to have a refund because i cant use it with no account on face book. they get ridiculous and heavy handed about scolding people and never gave a warning the would so pls send it back to my account or court thank you for your time.
  • Avatar

    Annmussa626December 20th, 2016

    Below average

    Eu sou uma pessoa k gosto de viajar, praia, musica, concerto, filme, cozinhar, eu nao sou de muitas palavras, o resto irei mas tarde obrigada.
  • Avatar

    debbieboyletayAugust 17th, 2012


    Had 2 men contact me. I've never tried a dating site before due to fear of safety. This site is not safe for women!!! The first person who contacted me was an imposter, lied about where he lived, worked, where his parent's lived etc. He always made dates on the internet. We met at two different places and he hid his truck- think someone was looking for him--girlfriend, another one of his sexual victims. He admitted me to me that there were a lot of women victimized. He threatened me, used terrible, explicit sexual texts to me... I ended up going to the authorities with the copies of all his chats!!!!! and filing a report. This is serious! If enough people complain to FACEBOOK about this app maybe it will go away; things will change with higher standards! And a safer, more enjoyable site.
  • Avatar

    DrSheldonCaugheyOctober 18th, 2011


    Beware of "Are you interested" fees and costs. The site advertised 1 month for $29.95 and then charged my credit card on 10/11/20011 for $61.83. I complained - "so sorry no refunds after 3 days". Phone number on credit card charge - no answer! My credit card company cancelled their billing as misrepresentation. 1.5 4 A review of Firstmet is a social dating app with members across the globe. It works with Facebook and mobile/cell phone platforms such as the iPhone as well as conventionally via the website.