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A dating service for those seeking no-strings dating as well as those dating outside of their regular relationship. First Affair lets members post private photos of themselves visible only to those they trust. Emailing, instant messaging and secure calling are all available.

FirstAffair is a European dating site for married people, people already in relationships

It is also for anyone just seeking casual "no-strings" dating. FirstAffair has its biggest following in Germany and France - it's a sort of euro equivalent of AshleyMadison. They are however gaining popularity in other countries such as U.S.A and the U.K due to the fact that the website is accessible in several different languages.

Getting Started

To join you'll need to choose a screen name, provide an email address (which must be verified) and password. Following this, you will be asked a few questions about your appearance, lifestyle and partner choice. That will bring you right into the site. As far as possible, FirstAffair offers a secure and anonymous service. Many choose not to show photos in the public area. But you can share them privately.


The website has a very 90-s retro feel about it that may or may not appeal to you. They have kept it relatively free of the type of sleazy imagery often seen on adult oriented dating sites. Posting of explicit photos is forbidden, and those doing so risk being banned. The site owners claim that this policy is successful in attracting more women to the site, so that the gender balance is more even than it is on other sites of this nature.

You have control over photos and who is able to see them.

Public and Private Areas

You can add both private and public photos to your profile. You have control over photos and who is able to see them. Private photos will be visible only to "trusted persons" - people who you know and have been in contact with before (trust can be granted/revoked as needed).

The features provided on the FirstAffair are fairly typical. They include searching member ads via a basic and extended search (pro search), creating favorite lists, emailing and instant chat. There's also a secure calling facility (called conference calling) where you can call your date without disclosing your real phone number.

FirstAffair will appeal to you if you want to date outside of a regular relationship, or if you're seeking casual sexual encounters. It's unsuitable for those seeking a committed relationship. This is a pay site, however they do occasionally offer free-trial memberships, with up to 6-months free access - a 15% discount is available to those who upgrade during the free trial.

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