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FilipinoCupid is for people from the Philippines as well as those who wish to meet someone who's from that country. The basic account is free - that lets you create a profile and talk to paying members.

Haven't found the right woman where you live?

If you haven't found the right one for you, you're not alone. Many guys feel frustrated about the lack of options in their local dating scene. Why not try looking abroad for love? Sites like Filipinocupid make it easy to find and meet your soul mate from the comfort of home.

The site has a number of Filipina women specifically looking for marriage with western men...

Most Asian countries do not have divorce courts or social programs, so women tend to prefer stable providers and devote full effort into their relationships. Filipinas in particular are often very religious, and against the idea of divorce.

Filipinas also have good command of English, so communicating is much easier compared to other Asian countries. For those who haven't found happiness in their love life with modern western society, dating a Filipino woman could be the answer they've been looking for.

Why try Filipinocupid?

It may seem odd looking for singles on the other side of the world. On the other hand, shows like 90-day fiance show normal guys can find love abroad. So what's the secret?

A huge reason people choose to date abroad is because it's a more level playing field. Any guy who has spent time in Asia will tell you it's way easier to get dates with attractive and conservative Asian women as an average western guy.

There are many reasons for this. Most women like to look after their weight and beauty. Asian cultures put more emphasis on traditional values such as health, femininity, and filling complimentary roles.

Is FilipinoCupid legit or a scam?

FilipinoCupid is run by CupidMedia, one of the most established and largest dating site networks in the world. It boasts endless success stories, including many couples who went on to become married after finding each other on the site. FilipinoCupid is 100% legit.

Filipinocupid scammers or real Filipinas?

While FilipinoCupid is probably the best way to meet the Filipina of your dreams, there are some things to be aware of. Because the Philippines is a developing country, there are some people who use the site who aren't serious about a relationship and try to extract money from other users.

You'll easily be able to spot and avoid this behavior. Usually they will bring up a financial problem they need help with, or push for an explicit video chat right away.

Luckily the site actively screens profiles reported to be involved in this behavior, and it's become rare. Although it's impossible to completely eliminate, it's nothing to be concerned about since you're already aware of what to look out for. Towards the end of the review, we'll also provide resources for expert advice on avoiding common mistakes when dating Filipinas.

The benefits of being able to meet many cute young feminine women who are keen to start a relationship far outweighs any minor chances of coming across potential scammers. Rest assured, the vast majority of women using the site are looking for a serious partner they can build a future with.

FilipinoCupid Key Features

  • Access to thousands of profiles of cute Asian women

  • Free guest signup

  • Exclusive membership benefits

  • One of the best ways to meet Filipinas

"FC" is a popular website and with 181,000 active users, it is much larger than its rival, Filipino Friendfinder (read more).

How to use FilipinoCupid

Everyone starts off with a free account. You then have a chance to create and personalize your profile with photos and video. Locating a well suited match anywhere in the world is simple thanks to the site's advanced compatibility software.

Links to quick searches are available directly on the home page. These include quick access to personalized matches, popular members, video profiles and "In my Area". Personalized matches will only be as good as the information you've provided on the personality questionnaire.

Most searches will display paying members first (more). This isn't a bad thing as it tends to display those who are more serious first (having paid for membership and completed their profile).

Getting in Touch

If you want to get to know someone better, you have the opportunity to do so via email, chat, instant messenger and video. You will need a webcam to make use of the video profile feature.

Personalized matches will only be as good as the information you've provided on the personality questionnaire.

While joining up is free; to get unlimited access to chat and other areas you'll need a membership upgrade to a Gold or Platinum membership. In order to communicate via email, either the sender or receive needs to be a Gold/Platinum member. Considering all the benefits you get with a Platinum membership, it seems like a no-brainer for those serious about finding a partner on the site.

How to meet Filipinas from FilipinoCupid

Imagine that you've found the perfect woman on FilipinoCupid, and now it's time to take the relationship to the next level. It may seem daunting traveling to a foreign country to meet the woman of your dreams. Luckily there are plenty of resources available which provide essential information on traveling abroad safely and easily.

By following these steps, you'll give yourself the best chance of finding your Filipina soul mate.

1) Signup for a FilipinoCupid account.This allows you to easily search for and find thousands of Filipina singles.

2) Contact Filipinas from the site by upgrading to a Gold or Platinum account. Focus on building attraction and comfort with a few women from the site. It helps immensely if you know a bit about Filipino culture and customs.

3) Screen for women who are serious about a relationship and share the same values. We will cover how to do this later.

4) Exchange contact information, get to know each other better and build a connection using video chat.

5) Plan your trip abroad. Learn how to travel safely, cheaply and comfortably (see below).

6) Meet them in person and continue to build a connection. Visit as often you can until you've decided if she's the one.

Now that you have the basic formula for finding serious Filipino women, it's time to discuss ways to improve your chances.

How to find a Filipino wife

If you're serious about meeting and possibly even someday marrying someone from abroad, how will you know you're marrying the right woman? Even with apps that make communication easy, living on the other side of the world makes it more difficult.

We highly recommend learning about Filipino culture, dating experiences, and living in the Philippines if you want to avoid heartbreak and set yourself up for success. The best resources will be from people who have lived in the Philippines and had success with finding and marrying their loved one.

Ideally you will want a resource that covers cultural factors like dating, family expectations, and customs, as well as practical information like planning a trip abroad, how to set up dates, and how to screen for serious women.

By far the best guide we found that matches that criteria is Filipina Dating Secrets by Robert Haus on Amazon. While the cover is a little tacky, the content is invaluable to those who have little experience traveling in the Philippines or dating Filipinos.

It goes into detail about the cultural nuances of the Philippines, and takes most of the guesswork out of planning a trip to the Philippines. It also provides romantic vacation ideas, and gives practical advice on how to spot and avoid scammers. If you plan to go to the Philippines someday, we think the information will quickly pay for itself.

FilipinoCupid Success Stories

What are people saying about FilipinoCupid? Here are a few success stories from people who found their match on the site:

I think I've found the one! Beautiful smile, great laugh, and so much fun to talk to I don't ever want to stop. I hope it works out. Fingers Crossed!!

I am not used to any dating site, I got curious then I got this FilipinoCupid. I met friends here but there is only one man that touches my heart. I never thought that my heart will learn to love again. I fall in love with him this man from Australia and I commit myself to him to spend the rest of my life with him. ... I love him so much and I know that he really loves me too. Thank you, FilipinoCupid that I found my future companion in life as we grow older.
- Theresa



  • Fantastic site to meet single Filipino women

  • Many success stories from former users

  • Easy to sign up and use

  • Free to try and browse profiles


  • Not for quick hookups (but good for serious partners)

  • Small minority of women on the site are "scammers" that may ask to send money

Dating abroad is an excellent choice for men who feel like they haven't found the partner they want where they live. Many of them say that dating women from another culture is much easier and more satisfying.

Filipinocupid provides the opportunity for millions of people looking for their soul mate to find each other. There are thousands of success stories from the site, and it's a tried and true way to meet the person right for you.

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  • Avatar

    tecniguySeptember 15th, 2018


    Filipino cupid offers monthly but they charge for 12 months up front; BAD
  • Avatar

    ziggy2May 8th, 2018

    Just average

    i wish could login but cant access the site.
  • Avatar

    poulrajMarch 13th, 2018


    hello i would like to make a very close and best friend.
  • Avatar

    mayjoyApril 7th, 2017


    Hi Filipina i'm joy 22 yrs of age. i want to meet a serious guy,understanding,loving,have faith in god,loyal and accept me who i a'm,and willing to meet me in real,any guy that have a good hearth..thank you so much and more power.....GOD BLESS...
  • Avatar

    aldenvillacencioApril 6th, 2017


    searching a foreign guy
  • Avatar

    nenenicartMarch 30th, 2017


    why kept on changing the sign up section we get confused
  • Avatar

    dorothyMarch 14th, 2017


    hi! i just want to have new friends. i am happy to be a member of filipinaheart...
  • Avatar

    jennifercanteraMarch 2nd, 2017


    i just want find a perfect match and perfect friend in this site i hope i found it......
  • Avatar

    bindy2May 12th, 2016


    hahha!! you are absolutely right arnette. I thought the same.
  • Avatar

    RexxFebruary 23rd, 2014

    Below average

    It seems to me everything people here are saying about the scammers are true. I am 60 years old and I have so many 20 and 30 somethings who fell in love with my pictures and want to hook up with me, it is pathetic.

    Beyond that, I have to tell you that 95% of the women listed here are some of the most ugly women I have ever seen in my life. And, add this, only 1 in 100 does not have 2 or more children with a missing husband who just ran out and married some young Chiquita half their age.

    It almost seems a right of passage for the Women of the Philippines to have babies and a missing husband. What a sad state of humanity for the Philippines.
FilipinoCupid 3.38 42 A review of FilipinoCupid. FilipinoCupid is for people from the Philippines as well as those who wish to meet someone who's from that country. The basic account is free - that lets you create a profile and talk to paying members.