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You are not alone offers many articles covering relationships, dating, divorce and other personal topics. Includes a forum about relationships and personal growth.

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    GiaDecember 8th, 2020


    Awesome site. Helped me so much! I had asked my friends for advice and they kept telling me what I wanted to hear and it was keeping me stuck. I needed real advice that was 100% honest and I finally got it at this site. It helped me to see things much more clearer and pushed me to see what I was doing wrong. I can't thanked them enough. I am in a much better relationship now and in a much better place in general. Thank you!!!
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    Maddie82June 27th, 2019


    I've been banned for a while now. I was warned by the 'sexist' administrator that if i received 3 infractions then the 4th action would be a ban. He was really nasty about it. I received 2 infractions in one morning and then i was banned. No reasons for these infractions given. I kept sending messages demanding an explanation and he responded once saying the ban was now permanent wtf? Beware of a user by the name of Wiseman or Wiseman2. He appears to be best buddies with the admin and he is rude and sexist. He also gives really bad advice and likes to belittle and put down users in comments. Avoid this site at all costs.
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    FreyJanuary 7th, 2018


    I got accused of trolling and was banned too. They didn't provide any evidence or reasoning. I had a few users disagree with my thoughts (no threats or cussing, I was following the rules) and I was flagged as a troll then banned. No communication. And some of the users responding to my post were being bullies yet they weren't banned. When I saw my post being moderated I assumed they were reviewing the ugly comments from the people replying. I assume they all know each other and they enjoy bullying and wrongly accussing people of things. **** them.
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    AlanshFebruary 11th, 2017


    This is the worst site ever ... My wife had been on it for years., I sign up last week to check it out. As soon as I post a stern review telling a woman to treat her husband better... both of us are banned for life. Banned for LIFE??? These people are lower than whale crap. Nowhere on the site rules or agreements does it say two in a household can't use the site... and what's the result?? A email asking for clarification?? NO! Banned for life. But it's actually thinly vailed censorship of opinions they don't agree with.

    So I email and ask why.. they say you have multiple accounts .. I said I don't have multiple accounts and went through a detailed explanation to prove it.,. they answer: The ban is fair and will stand, not going to argue with you.

    The bottom line is that they censor opinions, If you are not on board with their liberal ideology you get banned for life for any reason they can find.

    This is not **** Germany or communist Russia. I think this censorship should not be supported and no one should waste their time with this site.

    Whether you are on two weeks or two years -- they don't care. They are arrogant jerks, Hundreds have probably been banned for life by these arrogant self important fools.

    Don't waste your time with this site! seems a better option -- I'll check it out and post a review. These people are such arrogant jerks.. I can't find the words to express my disgust with their superiority complex, arrogance, and unambiguous censorship.
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    nalidAugust 10th, 2015


    its the worst website to be honest , i got banned for "trolling" i don't even know what trolling is , i tried blocking the admin because he feels like he has the power to tell you , and judge you anyway he wants , just because his admin , and if you don't respond to him he will delete your post or ban you for ever , this websites sucks with that admin. 0.94 8 A review of You are not alone offers many articles covering relationships, dating, divorce and other personal topics. Includes a forum about relationships and personal growth.