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As a seasoned eHarmony member, yes seasoned! I can fully inform you regarding the pretenses of this site. First let me describe myself to give you a true understanding on my experiences and thoughts. I’m 35, never married, and no children. I’m successful with a great career. My physical appearance is somewhat muscular and in general good looking with a sense of style. Most importantly, I have all the qualities any woman in her right mind is seeking. But here’s the problem. The members on eHarmony portray themselves as wanting a future with the right man, but their actions tell differently. The percentages I’m going to mention are from my recollection in general. 75% of my matches never respond to initial phase of the getting to know you process. 15% who did get back to me dropped the ball. 2% that made it to the email stage dropped the ball as well. Another 2% that were diligent replying to messages didn’t want to give their phone numbers out, and seemed like they were looking for a pen pal. 2% that did give numbers out either never responded back or after one or two conversations same deal. 2% I went on excellent dates with, never got back to me for a second date. 2% of the matches I dated for a short while either it didn’t work out or they went on to the next guy. One of them actually called me three months later explaining she met at guy around the same time on EH and he wasn’t what he portrayed himself to be. Hmmmm go figure! In my honest opinion you are better off meeting someone in a night club. Which is not what I’m interested in, but just saying. Another very good point is you can get into a routine of logging on each day and bouncing from match to match when others drop the ball. That is what happened to me, I was on EH for 3 years. I can also honestly say that I think some of the profiles are fake. I have the distinct feeling EH employees are working a good percentage of the profiles to gain and keep customers. I have heard about this sort of thing with other sites. Do yourself a favor and save your money. EH is not what they portray themselves to be…don’t believe the commercials or the marriage rates. Again, like said, I was on there for 3 years

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    LisazzzzMarch 28th, 2016

    Below average

    I know your post is old but as a seasoned online dated in your age range that is female I wanted to respond to you and explain. I joined EH hoping it would be different. I wanted them to send me 5 or 6 really great matches based on that long test I took. I would go out with them even if they were not my type If they were great matches I was looking for quality over quantity. I've done almost all the other sites and overwhelmed does not describe how I felt. I am unmarried, petite blonde no kids, in good shape with an advanced degree. On most sites I was getting close to 50 emails a day. I went on 4 or 5 dates a week. I could have gone on more. It was exhausting. Most of the men were not good fits. I got nasty follow up emails for not responding. I had a hard time weeding out the guys with good intentions it was just too much. Yes my communications fell off, yes I did not respond but understand I am not unique. Women ger a lot more contact then men do. If she was particularly attractive I can bet she was the same as me. That's why EH is a HUGE disappointment for me. I am only getting slightly less than the amount of contact I got on the other sites and that's how I know it's not real. How can that many men be good matches with me? They can't. So men are contacting me that are not my matches I suppose through the what if function. I don't even want to log on! So I apologize for,these women. But this is what I am dealing with.