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Eharmony was disappointing. I tried. I am traditional in the sense that I think the man should make the first move. I only had two matches EH mail me. The one I opted to talk to lied about his priorities. That was a deal breaker. Very soon into communication, all he wanted to talk about was my looks and how physically compatible we were ..throw in some sexual advances. I know people lie on dating sites but again, it's not like I was getting tons of emails to have hope.

I am sticking with my gut from now on and will keep my eyes out for nice guys that I meet in all of the usual sporting events, parties and social events, and even grocery stores!! One last thing, no one has written complaining about the long distance that seems to be the norm with all of the matches. I live in the South and I am not going to date someone in WI.

No offense. Wish I could get my money back!!

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