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I must say I am probably the biggest skeptic when it comes to inter dating web sites. But somehow a friend of mine had convinced me to give EHarmony a try. So after a long and tiring research and reading the testimonials from other members, I finally took a plunge and joined. And I am sooo glad I did! It is by far the best $39.95 I have ever spent. Originally I thought that $39.95 a month is a little steep for a membership price, but once I found out all the wonderful features that were included, the prices was totally justifiable to me.

EHarmony offers a step-by-step process that takes the pressure off getting to know someone from every angle. eHarmony's Guided Communication option does just that, so you can focus on the enjoyment of getting to know your matches without worrying about the awkwardness of the first few communications.

Once you are signed up, you are presented with a comprehensive Relationship Questionnaire. It is a little lengthy, but it is a major part of EHarmony's 29 Dimensions of Compatibility, which aids to predict happier, healthier long-term relationships.

Once you are done completing the questionnaire, you are instantly matched up with other members based on your own answers. The results are unlike anything you will find anywhere else. The process may take longer, and cost a little bit more than other dating services, but the outcome is definitely worth it.

Once you have your matches, EHarmony offers you a Guided Communication process. It essentially helps to you make the first step and Break the Ice with your matches. EHarmony provides you with different multiple-choice questions that are designed to make that initial first connection.

After you complete the Guided Communication process, EHarmony allows you to move onto Open Communication with your matches. It consists of emailing via a private message system until both you and your match are ready to share personal information. However, if you want to be a little bit more on adventurous side, you are welcomed to skip the Guided Communication process and jump right into Open Communication to find that special someone.

All and all Eharmony is a wonderful web site that gives step-by-step guidance to find that special someone in your life.

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    Lisa_3422February 27th, 2011


    E-Harmony had me fill out a 20 minute 5 page "Personality Review"; made me give them my email address and telephone number just to shut me down at the end because I answered "separated" to one of their questions (in the beginning!). I think its great that they screen for what they want however they have no right to take people's time and very private information for their own gain without prior notification. Absolutely ridiculous, if not illegal. Lisa.
eHarmony Reviewed by barbiexgina on . I must say I am probably the biggest skeptic when it comes to inter dating web sites. But somehow a friend of mine had convinced me to give EHarmony a try. Rating: 4