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eHarmony has launched its proven and successful matchmaking website to Aussie Singles. They send "pre-screened" matches, who are compatible with your personality type on the most important levels. eHarmony has a long track record of success with millions of married couples as living proof of their scientific approach to matchmaking.

The "Oz Site"

eHarmony has had a lot of success in the US, and UK with their patented compatibility matching. Instead of you choosing people you're interested in, you take their personality quiz, and they match you with other singles who match you in terms of compatibility.

Depending on how you feel about personality tests, eHarmony can either be enjoyable or feel a bit intrusive

eHarmony's System

eHarmony uses the same formula as it uses on it's other sites. You start off by filling in a lengthy personality test. This takes about 20 to 40 minutes. This process can either be enjoyable or feel a bit intrusive. This will depend on how you feel about questions that are designed to probe your inner feelings and to discover your personality type.

A small number of people are turned away from eHarmony based on the relationship test.

Once you complete the test you'll be able to go straight in and check your matches.

A small number of people are turned away at this stage. eHarmony is a matchmaking site, and if your results suggest that it would be hard for them to match you with someone, you will probably get turned away. On the plus side they won't take your money unless they think they can find you someone.

eHarmony's Australian personality test

Receiving Matches

Once you get in, you should get at least 10 matches per week - but this will depend on how many preferences you've set.

eHarmony has made a number of changes thanks to some feedback, not all of it positive. The entire process is now quicker and more flexible.

Paying members will get more matches. They also have the ability to search beyond those people they've been "officially matched with".

Communication between members is now much less controlled than it was, thanks to the improvements.

The site is still geared toward people looking for a long term partner. But now you'll have much more freedom to chat directly with your matches without going through their "guided communication" which often felt a bit like a straight jacket to natural conversation.

Match settings, the deal breakers

Although you can join eHarmony for free and review matches, the questionnaire is pretty long, so you may not want to invest the time just to review matches without being able to make contact.

Keep in mind that the Australian site doesn't have the enormous number of members that the US site does. Those in big cities like Perth or Sydney won't have a problem but you might find things difficult if you're in a remote area.

The good

  • Sophisticated compatibly matching
  • Fewer fakes, mostly genuine members
  • Choice of communication methods
  • Higher success rates than DIY matching

The bad

  • Takes a long time to sign up
  • It doesn't work for everyone
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  • Avatar

    mary54October 29th, 2018

    Above average

    I do not know how to communicate on eHarmony so I am just waiting to be contacted.
  • Avatar

    ted6June 14th, 2018

    Just average

    eharmony can work if you are open minded to the matches it gives you. Too many people want a partner who is not right for them and there is the problem because they think what it is sending them is wrong.
  • Avatar

    Bob_4550November 21st, 2011


    I'm waiting for help to log in after a week of waiting ..... no support!
  • Avatar

    Tom_4318September 19th, 2011


    Earlier this year after sick of being single for too long, I decided to find love the new way online through eHarmony Australia. As there are a few barriers than simply putting up a photo and including your email address I found everyone who was a member was genuinely looking for love. It is still early days, I have met and started seeing a lovely girl who I am hopeful of great things happening with... I don't want to jinx it.
  • Avatar

    kerryNovember 21st, 2010

    Above average

    Am alone and don't really want to be. Don't know where to begin I suppose.
eHarmony Australia 3.4 5 A review of eHarmony Australia. eHarmony has launched its proven and successful matchmaking website to Aussie Singles. They send "pre-screened" matches, who are compatible with your personality type on the most important levels.