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I hope a lot of Dream Marriage subscribers read this forum and my post. I spent close to $1400 in two and a half months. I am 45 y.o. single, never married. I chatted and exchanged emails with 4 girls I thought were really interested in me. I eliminated all girls that spoke no English from my list. I wanted to call at least one of them on the phone, so I paid 100 credits. I narrowed down my favorites to two girls. When I chatted with them, they said they could speak English well. One of them was from Nikolaev, 31 y.o., single and unbelievably attractive. The other one, 28 y.o. could have been a model for any fashion magazine.

To make a long story short, I found out my favorite girl was impersonated by a translator, probably working for Dream She got all confused and forgot things she had said. Remember, every time you lie, you forget what you said. I did not even get her personal email address because she said she didn't have one. She did not have a computer at home and she had no interest in having one. The other girl was a bit more believable but she would defend Dream Marriage more than her own family. I suspected she was also an interpreter impersonating a profile. On the phone, the tenderness and loveliness of the character's letters were completely gone. These ladies were tough and determined. One of them talked and talked for hours. I went out on Christmas vacation and 2 weeks later, I only got one message from one of them saying she missed me and wanted to talk to me again. I called her again a few times and never answered the phone. Brokenhearted, I gave up.

There are a lot of forums on the Internet warning men about this website. I guess there are worse ways to throw your money away on the Internet. You can gamble or watch porn. But at least you are not being misled and cheated. You know what you are paying for. On Dream you’re in for a lot of unpleasant surprises that are not worth a penny of your cash. I told my story to a good friend in Italy. He told me in Europe, they associate Russia and Ukraine with a lot of businesses ran by the mafia, especially on the Internet. He told me, if you want a Ukrainian girl it's better to go there in person and look for her in a bar or on the street. Otherwise, you are going to go broke very fast believing the online marriage agencies work. Then I realized I could have bought a ticket to Kiev with all the money I spent on this website.

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    Dream Marriage Reviewed by Mike1 on . I hope a lot of Dream Marriage subscribers read this forum and my post. I spent close to $1400 in two and a half months. I am 45 y.o. Rating: 1