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An international online dating service and marriage agency where you can meet very attractive single Russian women. The agency states that women appearing on the site are personally interviewed and are genuinely seeking a lifetime partner.

DreamMarriage is setup to make it as easy as possible to meet Russian girls to chat with, to get to know better, and possibly to form a lasting relationship with.

You can view prerecorded videos of the ladies to get to know them a little better.

"Dream" photo gallery

They claim that with thousands of girls for you to get to know, your future Russian Lady might not be far away. You can view the female profiles by looking through the gallery. You can also seek out the ones that are already located in the United States.

You can view prerecorded videos of the ladies to get to know them a little better. The live video streaming chat and videos are offered as incentives to join. Women on the site have different levels of English speaking ability and advice is offered to help you bridge the gap.

Is it worthwhile?

This is one of a number of marriage sites to turn to if you wish to get to know Russian women with a chance for a relationship to develop.

However we advise those seeking to embark on a romance with a foreign lady to research the subject thoroughly. This site provides information on travel, immigration, and other pertinent topics which would be of interest to anyone considering a relationship with an Eastern European girl.

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  • Avatar

    Tim_4933March 1st, 2012


    What about giving the women's name that you think is a scammer? How about Irina, age 28...she's listed on many websites for some time now. Are you telling me she hasn't found a husband yet? What about her sick mother or her cold house?
  • Avatar

    NobodyFebruary 24th, 2012


    It's hard to get contact once you request for contact information. The ladies seem to be, first of all, married with that Dream marriage letter box... The letters are short and always with a question... So, you go on and on... and your bank account is... Maybe there are real ladies on this website but the most seems to me scammers. Yes, paid to write letters and they come 'en masse' in when you are 'online'... suddenly dozens of ladies like to chat with you and suddenly they disappear one after another, as a machine. It's just a computer system that puts these files on your screen... I think the letters are written by only a dozen of copywriters... The languages seems always quite the same in all letters. They all have, more or less, the same life-expectations... and they use all the same words and expressions... The photos and even the self profiling texts are 'arranged' as Hollywood stars. Each lady plays a certain 'type' or 'character'.

    And they are very young and when you ask what their parents will think about such a relationship you get always very 'light' answers... It's seems all too easy to be truth. You never get real answers on real questions. They are avoiding the difficult questions by asking 'how was your day?'

    It's true. This website is addictive. Before you know it very well, you spend a lot of money, just for an illusion, a 'dream', a 'dream marriage'. In fact, the name is well chosen. And pure jurdidically spoken, there is nothing wrong. All is correct.

    I'm sure there are also real ladies looking for a real marriage (30%) and 70% are paid to give you illusions. The 30% of real ladies is for receiving a good review and the 'success stories'... 30%-70% is just my intuition that tells me so. In this way Dream marriage builds-up credibility because without real ladies it would be too transparent.

    The real ladies are often widows, divorced people with children, elder persons but all these very young people are writing for commission (to pay their studies and so on) because they all like friends and company. So, why they cannot find a young man around their many friends they have. Strange, isn't it?

    They don't seem to have personal email accounts (it seems to be too expensive) but they all have a personal computer and internet connection because some of them are very often online.

    And all this gifts and photos with that gift and that lady are taken a long time ago, I guess...
  • Avatar

    david_3794May 16th, 2011


    I have been a member of Dream Marriage for several months now. In the beginning I got a lot of email and 99% were from young girls that I have no interest in. Chat is just one way that your money is sucked out of your bank account. I have no doubt that the women that are listed on this site are no more than scammers probably paid in the Ukraine to chat. I was so upset with this site that I have removed my profile and hope that in the future that Dream Marriage is investigated into fraud by association. I wish that I at this time didn't have to give this site at least a one star rating.
  • Avatar

    Nina_3493March 14th, 2011


    No! Cannot agree! Though some men like to be fools. These men do not pay attention to women who are their own age, and who sincerely want to find a man. Why? They talk only to 20-years old girls and then say they were fooled... So sad... Maybe you men will try to be more realistic?

    RafJuly 23rd, 2011

    Just average

    Replied to Nina_3493 @Nina I am a man, and I'm realistic. I'm convinced that what really matters is not anagrafic age, but biological age. I was born 48 years ago, my biological age is 27. So, I'm looking for women 18-27. Best wishes.
  • Avatar

    DacatiFebruary 2nd, 2011


    Yes, you are right 99% of girls earn on this site, answering letters, and working in the chat, but there is blame of the man when he believes in the sense of a beautiful model for 20-30 years younger, being the most ordinary man.
  • Avatar

    CHRISTOPHERJanuary 23rd, 2011


    I noticed two letters from two different women that had similar words. in fact i got two messages, on dream marriage site, from two women that had exactly the same sentences in them.
  • Avatar

    CHRISTOPHERJanuary 6th, 2011


    Do not under any circumstances pay for ladies contact details i.e. her address and phone no. Would give this site a zero star.
  • Avatar

    woohoo27November 25th, 2010


    Is it possible the beautiful ladies don't exist? & it's a room full of hairy russian guys working 12 hour shifts? Some hot women tho...

    RafJuly 23rd, 2011


    Replied to woohoo27 @woohoo27 I have to correct my rate, anyway (been member since 2 years...)
  • Avatar

    RingoNovember 25th, 2010


    Yea, I agree with everything I've been reading here. This site is addictive, and frankly, I think it's a scam. I think the girls work in a call center type of environment and they get paid by commission. I agree with Mark, it will suck your bank account dry... Beware....
  • Avatar

    LudaNovember 13th, 2010

    Below average

    I agree-I wrote 2 ladies for 6 months. Everything seemed great. I made plans and with the ladies saying they could not wait to meet with me. I went to Ukraine. Neither one of them showed up and now they did not even answer their phones. I sat in an apartment searching for ladies to meet while I was there. I met several ladies and tried to communicate with them when I returned. ALL THEY WANTED TO DO WAS TALK IN CHAT. I notified the service that I wanted to cancel my membership and then I immediately got many letters and much more interest.

    I do not trust anyone from this site at this time.
Dream Marriage 1.33 22 A review of Dream Marriage. An international online dating service and marriage agency where you can meet very attractive single Russian women.