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    NicholasHoneybunSeptember 23rd, 2007


    They should put an unsubscribe button on the site on the homepage. Thanks a lot Dicky for the link to cancel. Websites like this should be banned. I joined, which was fine and then upgraded to premier plus or something and that was another �,£60. The old website was much clearer and concise. Now you get bamboozled with "someone has looked at you" every day in emails. I would recommend not joining this site - maybe try
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    DatingDirect_320August 23rd, 2007


    Steer clear of this site! Once you have set up a profile it is almost impossible to remove it (thanks to Dicky, above, for the tip on how to remove - finally!). You will not find an unsubscribe button anywhere on the site. This is how the site manages to retain such a high number of subscribers.

    Furthermore, the site is set up to automatically take money from your account once your membership lapses. You are not given the choice when you set up your membership. If you have already joined, visit your account details and remove the option for a payment to be taken automatically. It's a long-winded process but worth it. This is a highly unethical site that uses bad business practice and is probably breaking the law in several places.
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    NickAugust 22nd, 2007


    I subscribed to Dating Direct today. Went for the one month option. Once I realised they'd automatically re-bill me the following month, I began looking for the option to cancel it (the rebilling). I then discovered that there is no such option, even though they give directions to it in their help section. After about 15 minutes of frustrating searching, I clicked on a box that I thought might take me to the desired section, but no... it got me billed instantly for another 6 months! I phoned my bank, but they couldn't stop the payments, although they did find me an address to write to. It is possible to contact them via the site as long as you're not signed in. They give you two options in a drop-down menu, neither to do with what I wanted.
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    MoAugust 22nd, 2007

    Below average

    There is a way to contact them but I think it has only recently appeared. Go into the "Help" section and the "My Active Pass" part. In blue there is a link for problems the FAQ does not answer. This takes you to a page you can send an email on.
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    BarbaraAugust 22nd, 2007


    I was a member and inadvertently deleted my membership number and couldn't remember my password and email address created specifically for Dating Direct and not used for any other purpose. I contacted them on their old site and was told that for security purposes they couldn't send me my membership number and that I should rejoin. As I only had around 15 days membership left, I rejoined and paid for a further 6 months. Since then they have continued to collect �,£9.99 per month for my old account which they know I cannot use! Now the site has changed there is no email address or anyway of contacting them to get my money back. Is is legal for them to have no way of conatacting them?
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    JJuly 31st, 2007


    I have just had a similar problem, two payments in one month from my credit card, is there a whistle blower we can contact? I am going to cancel my credit card to prevent them doing this again. Isn't it illegal to not have customer service on such a large site?
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    ElizabethJuly 30th, 2007


    I am so angry with datingdirect! Just as I was getting into the idea of online dating, I receive an email saying that my username was offensive so they had closed my account! The last time I checked the name elizabeth wasn't highly offensive or risque!

    When I tried to contact them I found absolutely no email address anywhere! The FAQ section doesn't load on a mac. I have ended up feeling extremely frustrated and proven right that online dating isn't the way for me!
  • Avatar

    JaneJuly 30th, 2007


    Everything seemed to be ok with the site until I tried to pay, then it refused all methods. As others have commented, there is no contact number or email and no link on the questions page so as a last resort, I altered my message on my profile to ask if anyone else had this problem and, guess what, they have thrown me out!! Don't they want my money? How strange for such a huge organisation, taking enormous amounts of money (or should be) to have no point of contact. Very dodgy I say.
  • Avatar

    MarkJuly 28th, 2007


    Thanks for the link above will be using it immediately to cancel my membership - agree with all comments this site is a scam and while I used to reccommend it I now warn people about it! I have just joined so much better and really good value.
  • Avatar

    Emma_312July 26th, 2007


    Thank you so much Dicky, someone just registered an account using my email address and as there's no way of contacting anyone to rectify or report it to, I've been searching for a way to delete the account.
    You're a star!
DatingDirect 1.36 58 A review of DatingDirect. A popular online dating site serving the United Kingdom. DatingDirect is now owned by Meetic, the largest dating network in Europe. They have around 44,000 active users.