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  • Avatar

    AnnoredFebruary 29th, 2008


    Thanks Dickie! I have now deleted my account! Any one else looking to do so should scroll up and use the link from Dickie's comment. My message to anyone is also steer well clear of this site, for that matter ANY site that you have to pay a fee to but doesn't have a phone number to contact them on in case of problems. I had trouble paying and now realize that that was a blessing.

    My advice to anyone out there who was put off online dating; don't be - there are many reputable sites out there, you can find them no trouble and use this experience as a learning one. Also from the comments here there are many like minded people out there.
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    CheetahFebruary 11th, 2008


    In spite of not having paid for a subscription, and trying to delete my profile by entering my details, I get a message saying profile name and password have been entered incorrectly - a blatant lie. I'm relieved it's not just me...

    charlotteJuly 27th, 2010


    Replied to Cheetah @Cheetah This happened to me too!!! and my friend, rubbish site!!!!
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    Honey_a_553January 10th, 2008

    Below average

    The postal address for Dating Direct can be found here. If my opinion matters why are they not doing any thing to improve their service. With so many unhappy people on it, I am sure if they sorted the problems out it would be a good site.
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    Honey_a_553January 8th, 2008


    Can someone help, i have paid my money but can not get onto the site, i have to be on the site to e-mail them of any problems.
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    RobynJanuary 1st, 2008

    Useless has no possible means of contacting anyone. It's just a website and you cannot email, phone or get a message to anyone who runs it. I have replied to their standard emails 3 times asking them to delete my details and my profile as I am now in a relationship. They are ignored. I am very reluctant to part with money to an organization that you are unable to speak to or contact.
  • Avatar

    AlistairDecember 13th, 2007


    Thanks Dickie! I only think I like the idea of online dating then, straight away loose patience and think narrr. I look for the beloved unsubscribe button to cleanly finish the nonsense, and low and behold Dating Direct don't have one - there's a scam. This is singly the most important button to me on the whole site. Has any one ever thought about starting a dating agency for the likes of me who love unsubscribing from them.. Probably best not for it to be internet based?
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    JeniDecember 8th, 2007


    I am absolutely disgusted at how difficult they make it to be able to contact Dating Direct and to delete my profile from their site. I guess the reason for that is so that they can continue to keep lots of active profiles and make as much money as possible. I am still trying to delete my profile from this site. Can anyone advise how this is done?
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    NicolaOctober 4th, 2007


    I have just found this review site as I was also getting very frustrated with not being able to cancel my account! I am surprised to find that so many other people have had the same problem. Tried e-mailing their customer service several times and just get an automated response which is no use atall. I was a member on DD before it changed and it was a good site then. Thanks to Dicky I have now cancelled my account..phew! Have tried who are very good and have a phone number so you can contact them directly with any problems. Good luck to everyone else out there...
  • Avatar

    ElyOctober 2nd, 2007

    Below average

    Not being able to delete our profiles on this site has started to ruin the relationship we have, we did meet through the old site. I want to get in contact with Dating Direct to discuss this before we take it further!
  • Avatar

    LesleyLSeptember 29th, 2007


    This is a diabolical website. Notwithstanding all the previous comments about being unable to subscribe, it is overloaded with fake profiles placed there by romance scammers from Nigeria, so now you know where their millions of members are made up from. Believe me, I know, I had first hand experience and was left out of pocket, broken hearted and now suffering with depression. I know many more who have had the same experience there. My advice is to be very careful or better still.. avoid the site altogether.
DatingDirect 1.36 58 A review of DatingDirect. A popular online dating site serving the United Kingdom. DatingDirect is now owned by Meetic, the largest dating network in Europe. They have around 44,000 active users.