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    David_2223June 8th, 2010


    For everyone who wants to delete their account, from dating here's how! Log into your account and then paste this link into your browser

    They have stopped this being done so how do we remove our details now. One star was the minimum!!

    spamJune 9th, 2010


    Replied to David_2223 @David If that fails (which it probably will), here's how to get a profile removed from dating direct and just about any dating site out there. The trick is to remove everything legitimate in your profile and replace it with spam.

    1. Remove absolutely everything meaningful from your profile. Put your age as 120 years old and having 20 kids. Do it over a few days/weeks..

    2. Have a picture? Replace that with a big photo of a penis or a viagra pill.

    3. Have a description for your profile? Replace that with links to every nasty online pharmacy, casino and porn site you can find.

    If they write and complain then at least you've opened up communication with them. Tell them "Oops somebody must have hacked into my account". This works trust me...
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    PXSMay 12th, 2010


    The same problem here. Feel stupid, got myself manoeuvred into this scam...How the hell do you cancel your subscription with DatingDirect? The legal stuff they post and which is a binding agreement says that there is a special section in the website to terminate your subscription. This is not true, there is no such section (at least couldn't find it). This means they're deliberately depriving you of your right to terminate the service, which is obviously illegal. It should be considered an outright theft. Moreover, they do not deliver the product they take money for - subscription with an option to terminate. I'm wondering is this 'criminal' enough for the bank to side with my request and put them on the blacklist so my card is not billed? Or perhaps some of you have discovered a way how to terminate the subscription?

    Help needed.


    MarcMay 13th, 2010


    Replied to PXS There is no means to cancel your Dating Direct account online. Whether or not this is illegal is for lawyers to decide. You have to call them to cancel your account. This is currently the only way to cancel your Dating Direct subscription. Imagine if you will you have a SKY TV subscription - you cannot cancel this service online - you have to call them. This provides Sky with the opportunity to give you the hard sell as to why you are cancelling your account. Meetic, the owners of Dating Direct follow exactly the same principle. So, it's probably not illegal but it's certainly underhand and frankly, quite unacceptable.

    Call this number to cancel your Dating Direct account - 0800-358-0846. It's a freephone number and can be found under the 'My Subscription' page.

    You will have the pleasure of speaking to someone in France. I did. He was relatively polite but was non-responsive to my initial request that I wished to cancel my account. Was I happy with the service? Had I created a complete profile? Would I like 3 months membership for the price of one? - were typically the sort of questions I had to fend off before he agreed to cancel my account.

    Once cancelled you should receive a confirmation email that your account has been cancelled. I did.

    A couple of other things. Prior to calling, ensure you know what your membership number is. This avoids having to go into detail such as explaining who you are, what your Dating Direct screename is etc. Also, ensure you call at least 24 hours before your subscription is automatically renewed.

    Once your account has been cancelled you will still have full access to Dating Direct services until the official cancellation date.

    ClareMay 24th, 2010


    Replied to Marc @Marc I very stupidly thought I was doing a mate a favour by paying for her subscription to Dating Direct, what a fool I was! When we wanted to cancel the subscription after 1 month it took 6 months of repeated phone calls, confirmation emails and letters to my bank and still DD continued to take money from my account! I thought this had all ended in November 09, but today I have discovered that they've been at it again and took a 'taster' £1 from my account last week (which I missed) and another £59.97 yesterday. I'm lucky in that my bank have backed me up all the way, but as far as I'm concerned Dating Direct are thieves and even worse they condone memberships from lying, cheating men who are only after one thing!
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    MarcMay 9th, 2010


    This link does not cancel your account. It only deletes your profile. Deleting your profile is not the same as cancelling.

    Secondly, when you go to 'My Subscription' page there is no option to cancel your account. You have to click on 'Manage my subsrciption' this provides you with a telephone number (0800-358-0846) to call to cancel your account. It would appear this is currently the only way you can cacel your Dating Direct account. Quite unacceptable.
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    EdwardDeansApril 20th, 2010


    This is the worst dating website around. Tried for 3 months to cancel subscription with no luck they never reply. Can anbody help me ? These people are crooks!!

    bolovskiApril 20th, 2010

    Just average

    Replied to EdwardDeans @Edward Deans Here is un-subscribe link for datingdirect: cancel account

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    JadeOctober 18th, 2009


    If you have lost money with dating direct, you should speak to trading standards, especially if DD are hard to contact too. I haven't had this problem - I just found it hard to unsubscribe until I discovered this post (thank you).
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    Caroline_335September 1st, 2008


    Too late for me! Paid �,£60 and found out the next day I couldn't get on the site all day, same problem this morning. Fed up getting winks from profiles with no pics who live in Peru! etc..... Have emailed them but not hopeful of a response, but told them I have contacted Trading Standards, which I have. In case you don't have it, here is the address:

    This website is owned and operated by Limited

    Dating Direct (c) an English registered company (number 03850701).
    Their registered office is at:
    WC1N 3XX.

    You can contact them at the following postal address:
    W1CN 3XX.

    Thier VAT number is 747 4270 19.
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    JoethefoolApril 17th, 2008


    I agree with everything that's been written on here. I was a subscriber for about 2 months and got totally annoyed with sending emails to someone that I thought lived within 50 miles, to find out that they lived 2,000 miles away! One person I emailed lived in London but her profile said Aberdeen, (she tried to change it but couldn't) emailed the site and got an automated email back about something completely different!.. Keep well clear from Dating Direct. Don't be put off by internet dating sites though. Just Google it before you subscribe, and see what people think. Hopefully it will save people from throwing their money and hearts away.
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    Amanda_333April 17th, 2008

    Below average

    I've been unable to log on for past 2 days. Each time I'm told my ID/password is not recognised which is rubbish because they've sent me the same details I trying to log on with! Can someone tell me what is going on?
  • Avatar

    SailsApril 16th, 2008

    Just average

    Thanks you very much.........this unsubscribe link was gr8.. u are the champion... :)
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    VeryannoyedMarch 26th, 2008


    I went to the link that Dickie said to delete my account on Datingdirect, but on that page I enter my username and password (which are obviously correct because I logged in to the site) it says they are incorrect. What do I do? Please help!
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