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PETER 508? Is talking crap. Some of you may of heard about the women who was attacked by a guy she met on there. She reported it to the police and she or the police notified datingdirect about this they said they would remove his profile. 6 Months later his profile was still there. They have many fake profiles.

I know how it works as i own which is a fetish bdsm site also soon to be catering for everyday relationships. Mine has no automatic renewal and you pay with paypal. But starting a dating site eats your money and as far as getting people just to sign up is a task never mind getting them paying. I thought about doing auto renewal but it was never the plan as I have been caught out many times by these.

They also make out that you pay a certain amount each month which is good but it’s not transparent that it all comes out in one...****ers.

But as normal people see let’s say 250,000 people are joined to or match dating direct.. OUT of the 250,000 only 10 percent will pay. As for mine I’m running out of money so that’s why I have thought about it the auto renewal. But! I’m adding normal relationships to try and improve the amount of subscribers. Which I did not want to do because I wanted it to be a 100 percent for fetish and bdsm lovers.

But by adding normal dating i have opened up a better scope of traffic and it means I don't need to do auto renewal.

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