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A popular online dating site serving the United Kingdom. DatingDirect is now owned by Meetic, the largest dating network in Europe. They have around 44,000 active users. Members can join the site for free, create a profile and upload their photos however most activities are accessible only to paying members.

Although DatingDirect is open to international members, its roots are in the United Kingdom, where it enjoys the status of one of the longest-running national dating services.

Paying users have access to all of the contact features, whereas free memberships do not.

Getting Started

After following the simple home page registration form, you'll be directed to a questionnaire which consists of four sections covering your personal circumstances, your lifestyle, interests, and who you'd like to meet. You'll need to set aside a good 20-minutes to complete all parts of the questionnaire. You can then optionally upload a photo.

Finding people

Once inside, simply input where you are, who you are looking for and where, and your matches will appear.

You can also specify your postal code if you want to find somebody who's reasonably close and not living the other side of the country. Profiles have pictures of a good size! No magnifying glass required. The picture is on the same page as the profile, with all of the details spelled-out underneath. You'll need to upgrade if you want to contact someone.

Many members don't specify exactly what type of person they are looking for.

Profiles are Descriptive

The profile details include occupation, smoking, drinking and eating habits as well as physical traits. There is a brief portion where they can comment, describe themselves further or explain who and what they are looking for. Many members don't specify exactly what type of person they are looking for, so you will probably see many people who don't seem very fussy who they meet!

A table at the bottom points to what type of relationship they are looking for, what age and status of a potential mate. Relationships can be straight, gay or lesbian in nature. No adult content is allowed on the site, and all content is moderated before being published online.


A free basic membership is available, as well as a Premier membership for a monthly fee. Premier memberships have access to all of the contact features, whereas free memberships do not. The site claims over three million member profiles worldwide listed and with pictures - however many of these are no longer active.

A Bit of History...

DatingDirect was taken over early in 2007 by, and unfortunately since that time, membership number have fallen. You can find the same people on Meetic Uk as DatingDirect, so both sites seem to share a common pool of members.

There has also been a number of negative comments about the changes. The main complaint being that contact forms and online support are not available on the site (or at least are not easily accessible), and that there does not appear to be a way of removing your profile and canceling subscription payments once you are registered.

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  • Avatar

    abdussobhanFebruary 28th, 2017


    thanks, Abdus Sobhan. Bangladesh.
  • Avatar

    Lorraine_5093April 28th, 2012


    I also am having problems with ( many sites under one umbrella). Took a 3 day trial. The link to cancel the auto renewal doesn't work (scam!). Emailed them to cancel and they said it had been done, then found that they had charged me for a full month! I am still emailing them and they are still trying to use the 'once your trial ends you pay the month fee' chesnut. I have gone through the paypal resolution process so hopefully they will sort it out. Wouldn't mind but don't think there are any decent men out there anyway.. They aren't worth the initial £1.98 let alone £23.99 lol..bitter me? Yes!lol
  • Avatar

    Mike_5048April 7th, 2012


    I have just tried the unsubscribe link, it doesn't work now. I have had major problems with this site and all I can say it it's SxxT but I can't seem to unsubscribe.
  • Avatar

    amineJuly 4th, 2011

    Above average

    Hi, I've subscribed recently and I'm a bit surprised at all the comments about it. Is there a very trustful dating website you could advise me to go in? Please help me thank you. Lamine
  • Avatar

    MissymooMarch 27th, 2011


    Hey guys. Yes, I'm another poor sap that caught out by the 'auto renewal' system. I thought I'd cancelled my entire subscription but it wasn't until I found this thread that I found out how to delete my profile, and cancel my subscription by phone. Thank you so much everyone for helping me!!

    Also, for anyone else out there who paid their subscription by paypal - I disputed the last two payments that they took from my paypal account and explained to paypal, quite reasonably, that I had not authorised them to take that money as I had only agreed to a one month trial, (which was correct). I have just found out now that Dating Direct has refunded the money to paypal! So if you've been caught out by the auto-renewal system, it's always worth disputing what they've taken, either with paypal or with your bank. It worked for me.

    I hope someone finds this helpful. :) Good luck!!

    JournoJuly 4th, 2011


    Replied to Missymoo @Missymoo Hi there, I am researching an article on the 'auto subsription' rip-off on dating wesbites. Would you be interested in talking to me about this?
  • Avatar

    claire_3515March 20th, 2011


    Did the same to me offered me a week for a quid, accepted then had £59 taken out of my bank without me knowing, I went overdrawn, rung them to complain and cancel but was not allowed, got the bank to change my details so they cannot take money out again. and also have only winks from people from abroad and no picture, so i am going to get off when my 3 months expires, which i did not want and go to eharmony as has been recommended. I hardly get any emails.
  • Avatar

    davehopkinsNovember 16th, 2010


    Just got caught by this company's scam, virtually hidden phone number only accessible via the small print. And they don't tell you ''specifically'' that the 'ONLY' way to cancel is via Telephone. At least 2 days in advance. After initially signing up for 1 week trial now find I'm automatically debited for the next 3 months, and a rude obnoxious French woman at the other end of the line refused to cancel. When this company was British owned it was always possible to cancel online. This is an obvious ploy to catch people out by the new owners a French company 'Meetic'. If this company were above board they would have prominent cancellation details on the front page. I also have my doubts about a number of Phantom characters which appear temporarily at weekends on this site.

    MandyEVJanuary 11th, 2011


    Replied to davehopkins @dave hopkins Oh god here is another one caught on the hook of the hidden auto-renewal. I moved and closed my old email account and after ludicrous complicated redirections to other companies affiliated to Dating direct, I finally gave up using it as they changed their procedure and quite frankly it doesn't work. There must be an Ofcom that can ensure we receive our money back as Talk Talk is a company operating in Britain. Please advise.

    Rating ZERO STARS avoid like the plague.
  • Avatar

    charlotteJuly 27th, 2010


    I have joined 3 different dating sites over the past year and by far this was the worst. I have had to block multiple users as they were very inappropriate and 2 of the men I arranged to meet actually scared me and sent me really nasty messages via text, so on the whole a complete waste of time and money and a lot of worry and stress with the offensive messages. I would not recommend this site to anyone!!!! I am happy with the one site I am on and find it fantastic, all the men I have met on it has always lead to multiple dates and I have gained a couple of amazing friendships, and is where I have met the most amazing man (eHarmony). Not once have I felt threatened or met a complete mismatch, far more hopeful. If you choose to try dating direct be careful there are a lot of men on there after just one thing and will ask if you are willing to do some pretty nasty stuff, think they should be on the sex only/one night stand type of sites. Cost a fortune for disappointing results.
  • Avatar

    DocLorroJuly 5th, 2010


    This 'dating' site is an absolute total rip off!! Stay away!! It is impossible to delete your profile. I would give in no stars but that isn't an option on here.
  • Avatar

    kizzo70June 29th, 2010


    Dating direct has been taking money from my account for 2 years. I contacted them in 2009 by e-mail ordering them to cancel my account to which they e-mailed me to say i had already closed my account which was true. Though whilst trying to close my account somehow mysteriously i managed to open up a new account which i had no knowledge. Dating Direct have been taking £60 a month till i finally got stopped by getting their phone number from my bank's fraud department. They offered me 6 months subscription back that they had just deposited from my account even though i had not been on the site since February 2009 (which they openly admitted to over the phone). They have been in my opinion taking money from my account fraudulently and i will not rest till they pay me back all the money i am due.
DatingDirect 1.36 58 A review of DatingDirect. A popular online dating site serving the United Kingdom. DatingDirect is now owned by Meetic, the largest dating network in Europe. They have around 44,000 active users.