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This spot is for pet lovers looking for romance. When you join you'll get to fill out details about yourself and your beloved pet and find out who's interested in you (and them).

We've all heard the romantic tale of meeting someone special at the dog park or pet store.

Pets and Dating: Match Made in Heaven?

DateMyPet is for anyone who's dog/cat or other pet is an important part of their life - but just want a human companion as well. And what could be more heart-warming than the idea of two lonely city-dwellers bonding over their mutual admiration of each other's tiny dogs? Or bonding as they try to separate one another's dogs, who have started fighting?

Or bonding because they're competing in a cat or dog show, and they're the two finalists, and one of them is initially mad because the other's adorable dog or cat has ruffled and upset his/her pet and thus prevented that pet from winning the top prize in the show?

One thing is clear in this world: when it comes to romance and pets, the possibilities are endless. Finally, a dating site has come that takes full advantage of this long-noted link between romance and pets: That's


They have profiles that extend throughout the USA, Canada, UK and beyond. You'll need to select your area. You don't have to own a pet to join; neither do you have to be looking for someone to date. is a social networking site that lets expand your circle of pet-loving friends and acquaintances.

From this community of pet lovers that you will slowly build, you'll easily be able to choose compatible romantic partners, if you so wish. also lets users meet up with fellow pet owners for "pet dates," which can be as simple as mutual walks to the dog park.

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